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21 I Don't Believe You
22 Make-Up Sex

G raps about how how good the sex is after fighting with his girl. - jcope

23 These Things Happen
24 Of All Things
25 Complete

The emotion in this song

26 Opportunity Cost V 2 Comments
27 Remember You

This song is just so chill, especially the hook sung by Blackbear. Give it a listen if you haven't yet, you'll love it.

28 Lotta That

Filthy beat and great raps from all 3 of them - jcope

29 I Might
30 Just Believe

G-eazy has said this song means the most to him and in it he raps about his life. - jcope

31 Oh Well
32 Let's Get Lost

This and Tumblr girls best

The best. Period

33 Running
34 No Limit

It's a good song but definitely not his best

35 Downtown Love

Don't know why this is so low. This is a very underrated song. This is a cool song which highlights Gerald's story telling abilities. Easily one of the higher rated songs. It's also got a Kanye vibe to it.

Super underrated

I mean it, Almost Famous are the best ones. Downtown love certainly need to be the 3rd seed.

36 You Don't Own Me V 1 Comment
37 Monica Lewinsky V 1 Comment
38 Stay High V 1 Comment
39 Outsider
40 Must Be Nice

Definitely one of his best songs ever! G-Eazy is my favorite rapper of all time!

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