Top 10 G-Rated Disney Movies that Should've Been Rated PG

The MPAA sometimes don't know what they're talking about.

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1 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Hey guys remember when PG actually meant something? Yeah me too - DenyYourMaker

This should have been a PG-13 at most... G is too little, while the people say it should be R, there is no blood or colored in breasts - Maddox121

Really? Out of all the Disney animated movies, this one deserves to have a PG rating the most! I mean, come on! There isn't a single moment in the film that would give it a G rating! Except maybe the Gargoyles. Which are, ironically, the worst thing about the movie. Hunchback is best known for its dark tone. The villain of the film, Frollo, is one of Disney's darkest villains! He attempts to burn down Paris! The Hellfire scene is quite possibly the darkest moment in Disney history! The climax was pretty intense too! Especially Frollo's death! He literally falls to hell! There are so many dark elements in this movie! And yet movies like Frozen, Inside Out, and Finding Dory all get PG ratings. Doesn't make sense to me. - MegaSoulhero

This one is actually PG in Canada. Yes, CANADA, where things are usually much more lenient. Though it does seem a bit odd to have this and Suicide Squad under the same rating, I respect the Canadian ratings board for being like "Wait...this is dark as hell." - WholeGrainNeko

2 Toy Story 3

I'm pretty sure this movie's target audience was people who grew up with the first two Toy Story films. So I don't see why they didn't make it a PG film. Still, Toy Story 3 is a fantastic film that children of all ages can enjoy. However, there is just ONE scene that should've been enough to give it a PG rating! The incinerator scene! Not only was that scene emotional, it was dark! I know that the characters are toys, but as they've shown us in these films, they have feelings. That's something that Pixar does best. So watching these characters about to die is just too hard to watch. - MegaSoulhero

I honestly think with the cold truth of the day care being like a prison camp and the tear-jerking landfill scene, this is a little too dark and intense for preschool kids. Still, that does not at all detract from the fact this is the best installment of the series. - Entranced98

3 Fantasia

Fantasia is the best Disney movie ever! And that's a fact! Basically, each segment has some sort of moment that may not be suitable for small children, but the Night on Bald Mountain segment should be enough to give this movie a PG rating! That is some dark stuff! Chernabog is definitely Disney's darkest villain. This is something that could most likely scare children. Not only that, but I think this is the first Disney movie to show nudity. There's this one segment that features some female centaurs and their breasts are shown. But for some reason they don't have nipples. And also in Night on Bald Mountain, you can see some spirits flying and their boobs can be seen too. And these ones actually have nipples. Fantasia is a great film but I always ask myself how it got a G rating. - MegaSoulhero

4 Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Considering the fact that this might have been at a time when g rated movies in general excited people. Now people aren't too excited about g rated movies giving the fact that it might be too clean for adults. I just think adults need to set lower standards if they ever think that they could enjoy these movies. If being a parent makes you worry about what is okay for kids to watch then might as well have them watch preschool stuff until they're at least 10.

Are you serious? This was rated G? But it's a movie about beastiality! Also, this movie has quite a dark tone. There's blood shown, Belle almost gets eaten by wolves, Beast gets brutally attacked by wolves, the atmosphere is frightening, Gaston is a jerk to a bunch of people, Beast is naked in one scene, Lumiere and Plumette do unmentionable things, Beast gets stabbed by Gaston and nearly dies, Gaston dies and has a skull in his eyeballs for two frames. Look, the live action Beauty and the Beast was rated PG. And it pretty much did the same stuff that the animated film did. But I guess since it's live action, that makes it more edgy. I'll never understand the MPAA. - MegaSoulhero

5 Cars 3

How is it that Finding Dory was rated PG but Cars 3 is only rated G? Believe it or not, this was the whole reason why I made this list. I know Cars 3 isn't out yet, but just from the trailers, it looks very dark and edgy. We see a bunch of car crashes. I know we see car crashes in the other two films, but the ones here look a little more brutal. You might be thinking that car violence isn't the same as regular violence. But keep in mind that the cars in this franchise are living beings. Cars 2 was pretty violent too but the reason I didn't add it to the list was because I don't know if it should've been PG or if it deserved its G rating. That movie was very confusing. I know everyone has their own opinions, but if you like Cars 2, you don't deserve to have an opinion on anything. That movie was horrendous! That wasn't actually meant to offend anyone who likes the movie. Don't take it seriously. - MegaSoulhero

Not funny about the opinion thing. I love Cars 2. But yeah, it definitely deserves to be on here, higher than Toy Story 3 at least, there was a lot of car deaths in 2 and an off screen torture scene, but 3 might be more brutal, but hey, all we have are the trailers to judge by. - Extractinator04

A bruidal car crash that almost killed lightning McQueen. You know for kids!

6 The Lion King

I still don't know why the heck it was rated G. To me and pretty much most people, it's PG. Scar kills his own brother by throwing him off a cliff, Scar gets eaten alive by hyenas while he is burned alive, you could see deep flesh wounds in Shenzi's cheek when Simba scratched her, Scar and Simba have a huge dark and intense battle at the end, and in Can You Feel the Love Tonight, when Simba and Nala fall down the small mountain, she gives him a look. But it was still an AWESOME movie and definitely the best animated movie ever made. - PeeledBanana

Scar kills his own brother, Simba and Nala are doing quistonable things during their love song, some of the humor can be unsuitable for children, and the fight scene at the end is beyond intense. Pretty much anyone who's seen this movie knows why it was given a wrong rating. Such an intense movie! And that's what makes it so great! - MegaSoulhero

It is not great, and yeah, it needed a higher MPAA rating. Don't know why the heck it was rated G when it should've gotten a PG or even PG-13 rating. I assume the live-action remake is going to be much darker.

TLK is not the best animated movie ever made, PeeledBanana.

7 Pinocchio (1940)

This should absolutely be #1. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I haven't watched this movie in years. But I remember that I kind of liked it. But it also scared me as a kid! The movie starts out very nice and seems like it will be very kid friendly film. But when it got to the pleasure island scenes, that's when it started to get weird. They turn children into donkeys! Also, people are shown to be gambling and smoking which isn't the kind of message I'd want to give to my children. If I ever have any children. There's even a whole scene involving a whale. Again, I haven't seen the movie in a long time, but I remember how scary that scene was. This movie definitely has some pretty frightening scenes for younger children. - MegaSoulhero

8 Tarzan

Remember the bit at the end where Clayton shoots the gorilla and you see the shadow of his hanging body in the background? Yeh that was dark. - MouldyWalrus

Clayton, enough said. - PeeledBanana

In one of the most intense scenes in the movie the vilian Clayton is violently hanged even though they never actually show it Claytons shadow of his hung body is pretty grim. - egnomac

9 Mulan

You know, sometimes I wish this movie was rated R. Just so I could see some sexy Mulan... Sorry, let me start over. There are quite a few moments in this movie that make me question how it got a G rating. For example, there's the scene where Mulan is taking a bath with the other guys. Again, makes me wish this was rated R so we could see more... Sorry again. Also, this movie is practically a war film. But since it's Disney, the violence is pretty mild. However, they do show blood at times. Also, Mulan straight up murders the villain in an explosion. This movie has quite a dark tone. Hopefully the live action Mulan remake will be rated R... I MEAN PG! - MegaSoulhero

There is no blood, and definitely should keep it's G, but still, a live action Mulan that is rated R would be great. - Extractinator04

10 The Little Mermaid

This movie has the worst moral ever! Therefore, its G rating was a mistake! Just kidding. Well I mean yes this movie has the worst moral ever, but that's not why I think it should be PG. The climax alone should've been enough. Ursula turns into a giant due to Ariel's stupidity, and it is quite a frightening scene to watch. And just when you thought it couldn't get anymore frightening, Ursula gets impaled. This movie would've been better if Ariel was the one who got impaled. Speaking of Ariel, we see her naked. Unfortunately. However, nothing too bad is shown. We only see glimpses of her backside. But other than that, it's pretty harmless. Still, no idea how that didn't give the movie a PG rating. - MegaSoulhero

The Contenders

11 Cars 2

Oh my god! Why is the kissing scene in the part?

Very violent movie only G because the first one was

Really? For a movie with action scenes, & cars trying to kill each other, this should of been rated PG

Violent for a G rated movie, especially for a 2011 one. - Extractinator04

12 Aladdin

A lot of people might disagree with me on this, but I feel like PG would've been a reasonable rating for this movie. There are a ton of dark moments, there's some humor that kids might not get, and most of the women look over-sexualized. There are at least two scenes where some females wearing revealing outfits are dancing around Aladdin as if they're giving him a lap dance. Even Jasmine's outfit is kind of revealing. But yeah, this is still a pretty fun film to be enjoyed by both children and adults. That's a great thing about most Disney films. - MegaSoulhero

13 Sleeping Beauty

Dragon gets stabbed and we see blood coming out, you know for kids!

This is good

14 Finding Nemo

The movie opens with Nemos family with the exception of Marlen being eaten which is a really horrible way to start a kids movie. - egnomac

15 Hercules

Out of all these movies this Should be Rated PG. Further more this is a little campy. Also in no way you decapitate get away with a G Rating.

The Hydra and the Titans may scare little kids

Not too bad, but still, it shows decapitation and the end of the world. - Extractinator04

16 101 Dalmatians

Seriously, Glenn Close in an over the top performance as Cruella De Ville and some dark imagery, not to mention that the animals don’t talk in this version, make for a picture too edgy for a G rating.

Yeah, the scary villain who is mean to the dalmations!

17 The Fox and the Hound

Tod's mom dies at the beginning, so sad.

18 Bambi

Spoiler: not only Bambi's mom dies, but a quail was shot in this movie and showed the dead body!

Bambi's mom gets shot and a bird gets shot - PeeledBanana

Shows Bambi’s mom dead in a pool of blood! At least a pg!

19 Monsters, Inc.

Wow. With a movie that scares many sensitive kids, how could this be rated G?!

20 Pocahontas

It's based on a true story, it even has dead people lying around! And a talking tree!

21 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Shows the evil queen, witch, the forest with eyes, etc...

22 Toy Story

I think it should be, it is a bit frightening for kids at parts - micahisthebest

One word: Puns!

23 Meet the Robinsons
24 Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

Not as dark as it's predecessor bu does have 2 deaths, both fairly brutal.

25 Robin Hood (1973)
26 Wall-E

It's has a robot shocking another

27 Chicken Little
28 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
29 The Rescuers

Why would it be rated G if it is too dark for preschoolers?!

30 The Great Mouse Detective

This should be PG. The Evil Rat is Menacing Throughout The Movie! He kidnpas a father, threatens him, and then kidnaps the daughter! Then there are a bunch of other scary scenes throughout the whole movie! This movie was Dark!

31 The Princess and the Frog

It has voodoo (dark magic) in it.

32 A Bugs Life

Hopper is creepy enough said

33 Ahadi

I just put this on here as a joke

34 The Jungle Book

It’s too intense for a g rating in terms of violence and emotional content.

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