Best Gabrielle Aplin Songs

A beautiful British singer-songwriter plucked out from swarm of talent on YouTube one day. Known for her moving nostalgic lyrics.

The Top Ten

1 Salvation

Her vocals in this song are breathtakingly beautiful, adding the lyrics and piano, this has to be the best song by the wonderful Gabrielle. Has made me cry and touched my soul on many occasions.

A breath taking master piece thick with emotion and sincerity. Truly deserves to be at the top. - Manahilsheikh

2 Please Don't Say You Love Me

I could relate to this so much when I first heard it. "Please don't say you love me, cause I might not say it back." - Manahilsheikh

3 Home

THIS SONG had me speechless. Its words were so undeniably true I could not get enough of it. Played it on loop on my phone for days! - Manahilsheikh

Really has a beautiful meaning! It's not about where you are, it's about the people you're with! ♥ She sang it so well. - Romee9

This song is something that can touch u in such a way that it'll change your life and be worthy of it.
I think it's just because of her heavenly voice which has this 'deep' feelings.

The best song I have ever heard is HOME

4 The Power of Love

A soft melody with the truest lyrics that can heal any broken heart. I absolutely love this song. - Manahilsheikh

5 Panic Cord

Most beautiful song I've ever heard


6 Never Fade
7 Alive

"Just one day, a different place, would I know you at all? Would I know you at all? " This song is easy to listen to and also really makes you think! Her best.

8 Evaporate
9 Sweet Nothing
10 Light Up the Dark

The Contenders

11 November
12 Wake Up With Me
13 Keep On Walking
14 How Do You Feel Today?
15 Human
16 Heavy Heart
17 Skeleton
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