Top Ten Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy) Characters

Please vote for your favorite character in Gakuen Alice. Alice Academy is a school for kids from elementary through high school with special abilities (Alices) are taken to. It keeps the kids there with little contact with the outside world. Recently a group of terrorists that oppose the academy are causing havoc as the students learn about their true motives.

The Top Ten

1 Natsume Hyuga

Just... Perfect. At first he is very cold and hateful but we learn that this is because the academy is abusing him and that's why he doesn't have a good heath. Later, his heart softened because of Mikan's light. He always take action if his loved ones are in danger even if he has to sacrifice his health. He's a very cool, selfless character and loyal to his loved ones.

I fell in love with Natsume immediately. He is my type and I wish I could have a relationship like he does with Mikan one day. I knew immediately that Natsume wasn't what he seemed to be and that he was going to play a main active role in the series especially since after Narumi he was the first one from the academy Mikan met. He is the most caring of all the characters in the series. He loves Mikan with everything in him and never gave up on her after she left the academy with no memories. I loved his whole character and who he ends up with. He is definitely that best. - zoeybird2266

He was cold, heartless, mean, perverted, feisty, and distant but he is actually very brave, tough, intelligent, sacrificing, and caring. He always shows his love for Mikan sincerely until he even sometimes sacrifice himself for the sake of Mikan's well-being.

He is kind and selfless and him and Milan are many to be he cares for her more than anyone and I believe my ship started sailing

2 Mikan Sakura or Mikan Yukihira

She's such a sweetheart. Super cute, cheerful, innocent and her character development is great! She gets to the point in which she cares for others' wellbeing first rather than hers.

Cheerful, energetic, orphan Mikan is the female protagonist of the series and is in love with Natsume. In the beginning she follows her friend, Hotaru, to Alice Academy in order to see her again but instead she winds up transferring there. She later realizes her alice nullification's past is taboo to speak about on school grounds. Mikan finds her parents to have been involved with the schools "dark side" causeing people to try and hunt her down. - animedreamer

Cute cheerful girl, her antics make me laugh so hard sometimes.

She's just so precious~ ^-^ She stays happy and optimistic despite some rough circumstances, and she can stay nice to anyone~! - FireFaithe

3 Hotaru Imai

Hotaru Imai is what I call a stoic ice queen with an interesting personality, she does seems cold and distant on the outside but deep down she genuinely cares towards the one she loves, especially Mikan. Mikan is like her own sister to Hotaru, her relationship with Mikan is interesting.

She has cold, stoic, deadpan face yet she has no deadpan personality because she can be funny and she is intellignet. Even though she seems to be distant and cynical, yet she genuinely cares a lot for Mikan and she always does everything to protect Mikan.

Mikan's best friend and would give up anything to make Mikan happy. She is extremely intelligent but acts cold and emotionless in the outside. her alice is invention so she often creates wacky stuff. She is greedy (money) and often wants money to fund her inventions.
Ex: she sells embarrassing photos of Ruka to earn profit. - animedreamer

4 Tsubasa Ando

He's super cool! He always helps Mikan and is one of the first persons at first to treat her well!

He is my favorite! I love his star on his face! And his attitude and hat!

Funny, quirky, playful, lighthearted, and cheeky. He never fails to crack me up.

I think that he is so great! He is so aware of his surroundings as well!

5 Ruka Nogi

He is so sweet, cool, cute, and nice yet he is so shy and bashful. I just feel kind of sorry for him because he didn't get Mikan as his lover, but I am just happy that he still remains supportive towards Natsume's relationship with Mikan. Ruka always remains a good friend to Natsume, even though he once ever competed with Natsume for Mikan's affection.

He is so cute and sweet, his blushing face when he sees Mikan is quite priceless. every time he gets near cute animals, he gets even cuter.

6 Nobara Ibaragi

She is super intimidating. You mess up with her, you will expect that you will turned into an ice structure.

7 Youichi Hijiri (You-chan)
8 Mr. Bear
9 Kokoroyomi
10 Narumi L. Anju

Funny yet very kind, cheerful, and caring teacher. He always helps Mikan when Mikan got her problems at the Academy.

I wish I could have a teacher like him, he is so kind and lighthearted. Mikan always being treated like his own daughter by him.

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