Top 10 Galaxies That Should Appear In Super Mario Galaxy 3

If it ever exists, these galaxies should be created.

The Top Ten

1 Robotic Galaxy

We haven't seen any futuristic Mario levels, this would be awesome. - Martinglez

2 Dino Galaxy

A prehistoric level. - Martinglez

3 Musical Galaxy

How about a musical instrument galaxy. - Martinglez

4 Dragon Galaxy

A level based on the middle ages. - Martinglez

5 Casino Galaxy

If Sonic did it right, why not Mario? - Martinglez

6 Throwback Galaxy 2

A galaxy that recreates either another Mario 64 level or a Mario Sunshine one. - Martinglez

7 DK galaxy

Or maybe a galaxy based off of Donkey Kong Country games and you have to play as DK

A galaxy based on the arcade game Donkey Kong - Martinglez

8 City Galaxy

A level set on a city landscape. - Martinglez

9 Goomba Galaxy

A level that has been invaded by Goombas. - Martinglez

10 Theme Park Galaxy

Yes there was one Theme Park level in Sunshine, but imagine one where you can walk on walls. - Martinglez

The Contenders

11 Opposite Galaxy

Maybe here you could be friends with the enemies. Then get toad to give you the star. Or find the boss and friend him to get the star.

12 Paper Galaxy

Why has there never been a galaxy based off of Paper Mario?

13 Four Seasons Galaxy

Maybe there could be a different section for spring and winter and summer and fall.

14 Wild West Galaxy
15 Wario Galaxy

Maybe this galaxy is based On a Wario game and you play as Wario or Wario is the boss.

16 Rainbow Road Galaxy

For this galaxy you race on all the rainbow roads in Mario kart from snes to wii u. It would all be one track split into sections for each rainbow road. It makes sense because it is in space

17 Luigi Mansion Galaxy
18 Love Galaxy

A Galaxy with a romantic atmosphere and levels like finding the way out of a chocolate maze or a boss who's mad about a breakup and wants to take it out on Mario... That's the most original thing I could think of

19 RPG Galaxy

I just want to see Geno and Mallow return. That game was so good

I know this won't happen but Nintendo needs to please please please make Super Mario RPG 2. But I don't know. I think the closest we will get is this. But seriously that game was so good.That was my second favorite Mario game behind Mario 64. If they can do a Mario 64 level remake then they can do an RPG galaxy.

20 Big House Galaxy
21 Bowser Body Galaxy

Maybe we play inside bowsers brain and there could be a peach section and the goal is to destroy the part with his plans so he forgets his plan

22 Circus Galaxy
23 Rolling Gizmo Galaxy 2
24 Toy Time Galaxy 2
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