Top 10 Galaxies In Super Mario Galaxy Games

In the Super Mario Galaxy franchise, there are no less than 90 magnificent galaxies. Here you can choose your favorites.

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1 Freezeflame Galaxy

I love the relaxing Beach Bowl Galaxy. I could just Shell Swim and swing on that vine forever! And the Ghostly Galaxy is great too, gotta love those Luigi's Mansion references, but I agree that the Freeze Frame Galaxy is byfar the best and hardest Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. I find the Freeze Frame Galaxy to be just the right amount of challenging and it seems like in recent years, Mario Games have been lacking that extremely challenging feel.

Fire and ice collide giving tons of unique fire and ice areas to explore.

Gives you the full freeze experience, then the full flame experience, then smashes the 2 together to give a special sort of challenge.

The only galaxy where I found every level to be huge fun to play (yes, even the purple coins mission..)

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2 Toy Time Galaxy

Other than Luigi's Purple Coins, the stars here are all fun and creative

This has more cake than the sweet sweet galaxy does, but who cares? nowhere else can you trash a mole in a cannon firing electric balls at a metal spring encased fat plumber on a giant cheesecake.

Why isn't this awesome galaxy higher on the list?

This galaxy is great!

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3 Supermassive Galaxy

Even though the general idea has been uused in Mario twice before (SMB3 and SM64), it still astounds. From the 1UP trick to the giant Thwomps, this is the best of the best. One problem: you can't stomp the goombas!

I'm always afraid that a goomba is going to stomp on Mario like he's been doing to them.

I love all the big things. They are all slow and look like they�'re bouncing.

The goombas, wigglers and coopas are still losers

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4 Melty Molten Galaxy

One of the hardest galaxies in the game, has one of the best bosses in the game (Fiery Dino Piranha), and its music is amazing. The mission with the lava spire is great (especially the one health version). It also has more space to explore than many, many other galaxies.

Nowhere else in the game can you scale volcanoes plunging into magnificent magma oceans as two supermassive stars slowly eat at each other behind you.

Much better then melty monster galaxy - Harri666

5 Sea Slide Galaxy

I really love the Sea Slide galaxy, the atmosphere Is great and all the stars are super fun to collect

Purple coin takes long

This world is one of the most open and explorable in the game. Only bad thing is the annoying purple coin star. But still probably my favorite level

Sheesh the cosmic Mario challenge is hard

6 Throwback Galaxy

It's a Super Mario Galaxy Version of Whomps Fortress From Super Mario 64

I love Mario 64. I'm also playing with that system as I play with this one.

Put it higher on the list it is amazing

Is so nostalgia

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7 Grandmaster Galaxy

The hardest level of all time is my favorite. The perfect run is very hard, but fun at the same time. If you like challenges with a Yoshi in it, fly here. Oh, and get every star In the whole game.

It is arguably the hardest thing I've done in a Mario game

The puzzles in this galaxy and their test of your skills is great. Oh yeah, in the pull star part, it also has that creepy Easter egg from Shiverburn Galaxy, the "Hell Valley Sky Trees".

Dude I can't wait to unlock it

8 Good Egg Galaxy

Not only is this galaxy epic, but the music is even more epic. I beat this galaxy more than once just for the music. - Jammer196

It's the first galaxy you play! Its epic and amazing. It's easy enough for a first level but is challenging and fun. I was mind blown. The music is amazing. I was exploring 30 minutes the first time I played that galaxy. It was amazing. Great first galaxy. Will always be my favorite. Go SMG

Is easy but fun and good music

Always had the best levels

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9 Gusty Garden Galaxy

What I really like is the music, the planets, well, everything! Difficult bosses and the 1up planets make it fun.

I hate the flowers

So fun! Also that music doe

Beste musik alter!

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10 Battle Rock Galaxy

Battlerock is one word.

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11 Beach Bowl Galaxy

Why doesn't Super Mario Galaxy 2 have the Beach Bowl Galaxy music track? Why?! Of course, it is best to ask Nintendo.

Best galaxy of all time! I played it over and over - beatles5

It's a very awesome galaxy.

Mario is better than peinguns👾sry that was mean,but nice gallery,and vacation I guess

12 Cosmic Cove Galaxy

What could it look like on the wii you graphics and design? - Harri666

Beach bowl is better

This was a cool, relaxing and calm galaxy. If only it was longer...

I know how to take down that jelly fish

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13 Ghostly Galaxy

Not true! Yes, Bouldergeist is my favorite boss in the Mario franchise, but I doubt that he was the only reason why this Galaxy was added. There were a lot of other great things in this Galaxy too. Take ''Luigi in the haunted mansion'' for example, you get to become a ghost and explore this awesome mansion that reminds you of Luigi's Mansion! Not my #1 favorite Galaxy probably, but still in my top 5 favorites for sure! I also love Buoy Base, Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada, and Good Egg Galaxies! And I know that this isn't technically a Galaxy, but I also love the Star Festival from the beginning of the game!

Bouldergeist is the main reason this galaxy is on the list.

14 Buoy Base Galaxy

It's a fun galaxy with some great music! I love how you have to go underwater, and then go up!

The Soundtrack Is Epic - TheKirbyCreeper999

1st the soundtrack is outstanding 2nd the level itself is awesome I love the tower climb aspect of it 3rd it's the only one star galaxy to have a green star which kinda makes it a 2 star galaxy

15 Space Junk Galaxy

Some of the most beautiful music in the game along with an atmosphere that perfectly reflects the "galaxy" aspect of the game. It also has good bosses and creative levels.

The song is amazing and relaxing I like to listen to it before bed to help get myself sleepy.

Great theme with great gameplay

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16 Dreadnought Galaxy
17 Shiverburn Galaxy

Those figures, those nightmare provoking figures. They still scare me when I think about them.

Those figures. Those nightmare provoking figures. Still scares me when I think about them.

This galaxy is always really fun to revisit.

HellValleySkyTree also appears in 3d land.

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18 Starshine Beach Galaxy

Whenever I come here I just wanna explore instead of doing the mission as fast as I can.

All I want to do us mess around in this galaxy, it's so fun!

Yoshi takes swimming lessons, end of story

I'd love to take a vacation here. It's so serene!

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19 Honeyhive Galaxy

I like the cosmic race, but no purple coin or bugaboom

The appereance of the worst character, Queen bee

20 Loopdeeloop Galaxy
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