Top 10 Galaxies In Super Mario Galaxy Games

In the Super Mario Galaxy franchise, there are no less than 90 magnificent galaxies. Here you can choose your favorites.

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41 Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla
42 Drip Drop Galaxy

If I could tell you how those eels frightened me

Those eels are super scary. I quite out of it as fast as I could. well the music is calm.

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43 Fleet Glide Galaxy
44 Dusty Dune Galaxy
45 Bower Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet

Isn't this Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada? Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada is my favorite Galaxy because of the Airships mainly. I love Airships! I also liked the boss battle with Bowser Jr. (despite that I find him to be an annoying little spoiled brat) because it is totally awesome, it's also one of the hardest boss fights in the first Super Mario Galaxy (SMG 1) and is definitely challenging! I really think it would have been cool if there was an Airship Cosmic Mario Race, I would have loved running across the Airships with Cosmic Mario! The Airship theme in Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite version of the Airship theme too! Super Mario Galaxy forever!

46 Rolling Gizmo Galaxy
47 Cloudy Court Galaxy

It's a fun level with one of the best Mario power ups ever made! - Tyler730

48 Clockwork Ruins Galaxy
49 Slipsand Galaxy
50 Sweet Mystery Galaxy
51 Honeyclimb Galaxy
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