Top Ten Galaxies

The group of stars which make the biggest things in the Universe.

The Top Ten

1 Milky Way

Have you ever seen it at night, out in the country somewhere with no light pollution? It's breathtaking! Billions of stars!

Our great galaxy, within our solar system, within our great planet, Earth - MatrixGuy

Who the hell made this up, these aren't even real

2 Andromeda

I don't know why but, I've always been intrigued by Andromeda. All the galaxies are amazing though.

3 Comet Galaxy
4 Hoag's Object
5 Whirlpool Galaxy

Fun fact: This galaxy was known to be the first spiral galaxy discovered. - lapra

6 Sunflower Galaxy
7 Large Magellanic Cloud
8 Mayall's Object

This galaxy is one of the most unique galaxies known throughout the universe. - lapra

9 Cigar Galaxy
10 Cartwheel Galaxy

The Contenders

11 NGC 3310

Notable for its appearance. It is thought that this galaxy may have collided with another galaxy, which may be the main cause of the rapid star formations in this galaxy. - lapra

12 Small Magellanic Cloud
13 MACS0647-JD

The farthest away galaxy from us that we know so far...

14 Tadpole Galaxy
15 Triangulum Galaxy
16 Sombrero Galaxy
17 Black Eye Galaxy
18 Messier 81

Very beautiful galaxy - lapra

19 NGC 474
20 Pinwheel Galaxy

Comprised of over hundreds of billion stars, possibly trillion. Discovered on the 18th century - lapra

21 Centaurus A

Discovered around the 19th century, in 1826. - lapra

22 Messier 77

Thought to be observed around the 18th century, back in around 1780. This is a large galaxy. - lapra

23 NGC 1300

Thought to be observed around the 19th century, back in around 1835. - lapra

24 IC 1101

Thought to be first observed around the late 18th century, back in around 1790. Classified as a supergiant galaxy, and is comprised of over trillions of stars. - lapra

25 NGC 300

Very beautiful spiral galaxy. The galaxy is small almost equal to the Milky Way. - lapra

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