Best Game Capture Software

The game capture software is essential for gamers to share and communicate with others on the social website. Here we list the most popular game capture software for gamers as a reference.

The Top Ten

1 Fraps

No doubt, it is the most popular game capture software available for gamers.

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2 Bandicam

Less lag, High Quality and small file size for youtube game videos.

If you buy it, it's much better than Fraps
Smaller Files
HD Resolution

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3 SmartPixel

HD game video capture, live comment via webcam and microphone, easy game video editing to upload to youtube.

The PIP live commentary mode in the game videos is impressive.

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4 Elgato

Very popular game capture software and hard, capture HD game video together with its hardware. My only concern is a little expensive.

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5 Movavi Visit Website9
6 Dxtory

Dxtory is so awesome! It records in such high quality with low-space recordings.

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7 Roxio Visit Website9
8 PlayClaw

It is also a very good game capture software I ever use, HD quality, low PC resources.

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9 D3DGear

It is an advanced utility for Windows DirectX & OpenGL games.

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10 Action!

From Mirlillis. Is #1 game capture, screen recorder software on world. Smooth gameplay recording using very low CPU resources,...

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The Contenders

11 iSpring

Very nice! It records in HD.

12 AMD relive

It's basically the less laggy one out there (if you look at benchmarks). And it uses your gpu and not cpu performance which results in higher fps. So it's basically shadow play but for AMD cards. 10/10 would use again

13 OBS
14 GeForce experience
15 XSplit Gamecaster
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