Top 10 Best Game Consoles to Have in a Game Collection

This list is about consoles that are essential to having a game collection. If you are starting a game collection, these are some consoles that you should buy.
The Top Ten
1 PlayStation 2 PlayStation 2 Product Image

This console is amazing for a game collection. It is the best selling console of all time, and many of its games are amazingly fun.

This has a smorgasbord of games, but officially destroyed the video game industries (or history). Sorry, I'm not a PS fan at all.

This console was so fun and still is.

The best selling video game console, why not have this in your collection

2 Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64 Product Image

This console marks an amazing time in gaming history. It’s library of games are some of the best ever to have in a collection, such as Super Mario 64, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Mario Kart 64, and many more.

Still have my old N64 and it still plays well though I don't play it as often as I use to.

3 Xbox Xbox Product Image

The original Xbox is a good console for your collection because of its power and games. This and the ps2 could be swapped because of the similar games, but I like the ps2 better.

4 Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii Product Image

The Wii was an amazing console with a vast library of games. The motion control features and it’s amazing homebrewability are both great reasons to have this in your collection.

The Nintendo Wii was easily my favourite console. It’s so nostalgic as well.

5 GameCube GameCube Product Image

One of the oldest consoles whose games are barely available on any future consoles. For this reason, it should always be bought

6 Atari 2600 Atari 2600 Product Image

The Atari 2600 is an amazing console to have in your collection because of how it revolutionized gaming. It’s library of games are very addictive and fun to play.

7 Sega Dreamcast Sega Dreamcast Product Image
8 Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Entertainment System Product Image

The Nintendo NES is a great console to have in your collection because of how it was the starting point for Nintendo. It is a must have.

The most important video game console, a video game collection would not be complete without this console in my opinion

It saved the American gaming industry.

I still have mine do bad it doesn't work.

9 Sega Genesis Sega Genesis Product Image

The sega genesis is an amazing console to have in your collection. It marked a very big part in gaming history because of its rivalry with the SNES and how it is home to sonic the hedgehog.

10 Wii U Wii U Product Image

Although being an unsuccessful console, its amazing library and its tremendous virtual console are amazing reasons to have this console in your collection.

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? Nintendo DSi Nintendo DSi Product Image
? Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS Product Image
The Contenders
11 ColecoVision ColecoVision Product Image

Ahead of it’s time with graphics.

12 Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Product Image

The Xbox 360 is an amazing console to have in your collection because of its online features. It was the start of the modern era of gaming and it has amazing games.

13 PlayStation 1 PlayStation 1 Product Image

This console, while not the first one to use CDs, it popularized the use of CDs over cartridges for games.

14 Sega Saturn Sega Saturn Product Image
15 Game Boy Game Boy Product Image
16 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
17 Nintendo Switch
18 Virtual Boy

It may be one of the worst designed video games but it makes a great collectors item.

19 PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Product Image
20 Xbox One Xbox One Product Image
21 KFConsole
22 Game Boy Light Game Boy Light Product Image
23 Sega CD Sega CD Product Image
24 Intellivision Intellivision Product Image

First in their series. I just think it would be cool to own in a classic game console collection.

25 Sega 32X Sega 32X Product Image
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