Top 10 Game Ideas for Nintendo Consoles


The Top Ten

1 Sonic Mania & Knuckles

The Definitive Version of Sonic Mania - ToadF1

2 Kirby Golf

It Will Be similar to the Mario Golf Series and The Idea would be Hilarious - ToadF1

3 Mario Football Reboot

Like Mario Strikers, but Started all over Again - ToadF1

4 Pac-Man Championship Edition 3
5 New Super Mario Bros. 3
6 Pokken Tournament 2
7 Dr. Luigi DX

A Definitive Version of Dr. Luigi on WII U - ToadF1

8 Wario Land Returns

And then he dies at the end >

Might be Cool - ToadF1

9 Sonic Forces DX Sonic Forces DX

A Definitive Version of Sonic Forces - ToadF1

10 Luigi's Mansion 1+2

Yeah, Both Games in One - ToadF1

The Contenders

11 Sonic Colors DX
12 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles HD

Maybe - ToadF1

13 Super Mario Galaxy 3
14 Super Waluigi Bros

NO! - ToadF1


15 Wendy O Koopa is Queen

What the Hell! - ToadF1

16 Rosalina's Funeral, Queen Bee's Return

Lol that's why she plays sports becAuse she is such a goddess, NOT

Seriously? - ToadF1

Also, Rosalina is Immortal, she can't Die! U MAD ROSALINA HATER!? 😂😂 - ToadF1

17 Toad's Death, Goomba's Rise

Whoever put this here is a Yoshi Fan, I just can't stand this Stupid Rubbish from you, I'd rather Watch Sonic Boom for the rest of my life than suffer from your Trolling! - ToadF1

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