Top Ten Game Modes that Should Be in Fortnite Battle Royal


The Top Ten

1 Squad vs Squad

Same size map because when the circle is small it will be so sick

Smaller map and only 2 different squads - Batmaniscole

2 Duo vs Duo

Smaller map and only 2 different Duos - Batmaniscole

Playground mode - B1ueNew

Playground - ethanharrisx

3 Shotguns Only

No that will be to luck based

Close encounters - KingColeB

4 Snipers Only

Sniper Shoutout - KingColeB

5 1v1

Smaller map and only 2 people - Batmaniscole

Playground - ethanharrisx

6 No Meds or Shields
7 No Building

I would win every time as I suck at building

Or just play any other battle royale game. - MrCoolC

I couldn’t win if this was a thing I have to build

8 Storm Battle

The entire map is in the storm and you have to beat the clock and stay alive longer - Batmaniscole

9 Same Color Guns Only

Like gray only or green only or blue only or purple only or gold only. - Batmaniscole

10 every time you kill a person you get ten v-bucks

What about those who can't get a kill at all? - WorldPuncher47592834

This would be terrible for kids who already post their wins on snapchat and who use their mom or dad's credit card, as they would flex more, but for defaults this could be perfect - B1ueNew

Actually 10 kills would be 100, and 100 kills all together would be 1000 vbucks, - B1ueNew

The Contenders

11 Gun Game

Would be so fun and the best players will actually win, not some default camping in a bush who shot your build fight down. - ethanharrisx

Every time you get a kill you get a new gun - Batmaniscole

This mode was good in Call of Duty, and it’s interesting to think of how this would work in Fortnite.

12 Hide & Seek

One player is a seeker and the rest are hiders. The seekers must find the hiders. The map is different and smaller, so matches don't take 50 billion years.

13 Solid Grey

Only common weapons

14 1v99


15 No Skin Challenge
16 Teams of 10

10 teams of 10!

17 Hard-Mode

No Sheilds Or Healing Itemes

You Take More Damage

Anything You Pickaxe Gives You Less Materials

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