Top Ten Best Game Theory Episodes

He's got 2,000,000 subscribers and is even going to be in a video game. But what was MatPat's greatest video?

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1 Why Mario Is Mental Part 1

This and the second part are the worst videos he made. His evidence is crap and at the end he says that this whole theory is fact! He just blew up the Game Theory slogan of it just being a theory

He never said it was fact. Just that a lot of people accept it as fact. - LordDovahkiin

I'm a fan of Mr. MatPat & his show, Game Theory. Game Theory's video are very interesting, but remember these are all just theories. For those of you that don't know what a theory is, it's a statement of evidence that may prove right, or wrong & have the answer revealed. Theories can blow your mind, but some theories aren't actually true because the evidence is wrong. Other theories are actually right. The evidence is correct & the answer is revealed true. Remember this, everyone. Theories are not facts, or fiction. They are groups of evidence that can prove something right, or wrong & jump to the conclusion. Game Theory has actually made gamers believe something they didn't know in video games, but they're just theories. Also despite the fact that I'm a Game Theory fan, the only two theories that I believe are false are "Why Mario Is Mental" (Both parts) & "WiiU Is The Next Virtual Boy". Now Mr. MatPat, if we took a look at back at your videos, we can prove that ...more

I loved this series. It really made you think. My childhood is officially ruined... So thanks... - Alpha101

This was my first episode and my favorite

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2 The Best Boobs In Gaming

This video is just confusing for MatPat, especially in Mario is mental where he states that it's good to be solid into a romantic relashionship.

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3 Humans Are Pokemon

This theory is one that is very interesting. I, personally, think it could be a thing.

4 Is Link Dead In Majora's Mask?

I'll admit, I'm going through a creepypasta phase but even without the short picture of BEN this video was the greatest one I have ever seen (next to the one with dopamine). another great video MatPat keep 'em coming!

I never played Zelda, but the video was awesome. - Alpha101

Arguably even better than mario is mental in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Man, I've got myself a big love for this theory. Every...Single...Word that MatPat said touched my heart, and I loved how he made a reference to TP.

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5 Rosalina Unmasked Part 2

This theory is terrible! He destroys his own theory and uses it as fact later on. - DCfnaf

He blows up his own theory in the end

Biggest twist ever! Changed how I thought about the Mario universe.

Theory sucks. - DCfnaf

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6 Flappy Bird, PewDiePie and Pasta Sauce

This episode was...actually pretty good! It let us know that Pewdiepie is the reason crappy games like Flappy Bird get promoted. - DCfnaf

7 Why You Play Video Games
8 Is Mortal Kombat's Killer Scream Possible
9 Why You're A Completionist
10 Video Game Crossovers

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11 What Are Minecraft Creepers?

The only good game theory video in my opinion.

This kind of actually makes sense

12 How Deadly Are Bullet Bills?
13 Can Video Games TELL THE FUTURE?!?!

Like Splatoon? How people say we're wiped out and octopi and squids slowly evolve and live on the earth? Which is fake by the way.

14 How Real Can Video Games Get?
15 Who Is Megaman's True Villain?

The theory is like saying that a murder acures and you blame the company that made the gun the killer used

Light may have created the robots but WILY IS THE ONE USING THEM FOR EVIL PURPOSES! - DCfnaf

16 Pokemon and Darwinian Evolution
17 Super Smash Bros. Tragic Hidden Lore
18 FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's!

I've watched almsot every single Game Theory videos from The GAME Theorists, and this just Something!
Watched it about 8/9 times till now, and It Takes My Breath Away, every time!
The great speculation, to the awesome midst of acting. This video is LEGENDARY! - Ananta

19 Are Gamers Killing Video Games?
20 Why Mario Is Mental, Part 2

This theory is horrible! Ignore the child who wrote the comment at the bottom! - DCfnaf

Super Mario should be together forever with Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land once again (especially in Greater Vancouver) & so should Miles "Tails" Prower (potentially voiced by Chris Colfer) & Pac-Man (eventually voiced by Chris Brown).

Say, why wasn't Pac-Man in court with Sonic, Mega Man & Crash Bandicoot?! What was that about, MatPat?!

I overall liked this GameTheory, it's so true.

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