Best Game of Thrones Houses

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1 Stark Stark

Wise and strong house with the majority of the best characters

Lol, Starks... Ned couldn't fight and opened his mouth too wide, Catelyn was a catalyst for the purely for her own ego, Arya is a little brat & a real snob now, ZzZz 'is bran's scene over yet? ', Sansa is just a whiner who thinks the world revolves around her and that she's some how entitled, Rickon was useless, Didn't see much wrong with Robb but probably overrated, Then wasn't a stark but grew up with them and what a gong show he turned out to be...The only good is Jon and he's HALF stark... - BallBall11

Stark is where its at. How is Targaryen two? They rode on dragons big deal, they also had sex with each other. that's really gross! Starks are awesome. Winter is Coming...

The Starks at number 1? They're the losers of the series!

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2 Lannister Lannister

Lannister own everything, have wit, fairness, cleverness and shiny prestige. You are Stark-raving mad if you think otherwise.

Lannister have all the traits going for them

Make Lannister Great Again

Very interesting that the Targaryen's jumped ahead... - BallBall11

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3 Targaryen Targaryen

Come on guys, they have dragons and they also had the iron throne once, and a great force was needed to remove them.

Black field, with red dragons on their standard... Resistant to diseases of the commons... May the Seven save them.

Anyone who can harness the power of dragons has to be BADASS!

4 Tyrell Tyrell

A functional, sympathetic, manipulative, and smart house that sticks together even in wildfire

I love the tyrells, especially margaery, who was incredibly strong and manipulative, and probably the most intelligent character with tyrion. I also love olenna's wit and loras, who may not have been as intelligent but was a great, strong character - pjo

5 Baratheon Baratheon
6 Martell Martell
7 Reed Reed
8 Greyjoy
9 Arynn

Cool sigil, cool history, and seemingly unconquerable

10 Clegane

Yes, but that means that sign as unpublished

The Contenders

11 Tulley Tulley
12 Mormont Mormont
13 Baelish
14 Umber
15 Hightower
16 Frey
17 Wildling
18 Bolton
19 Dayne
20 House Selmy
21 Blackfyre

It looks very annoying

22 Karstark
23 Thenn
24 Oakheart Oakheart
25 Tarly
26 Tarth Tarth
27 Payne
28 Swyft
29 Florent
30 Dondarion
31 Blackwater

Brown's house baby! - BallBall11

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