Top 10 Nintendo Gamecube Games You Would Most Like to Rate

Now we have come to a console you could consider one the last true retro at this point in the Nintendo Gamecube. Although it came behind the Xbox and PS2. The Gamecube classics were given some of the most memorable and very creative exclusive titles of its time. Let's go back to the early memory lane of the epic 6th generation the first Nintendo console made in the 21st century.
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1 Metroid Prime

After a long 8 years after the great step up that was Super Metroid. Two games came out in the year of 2002. Metroid Fusion (which was also a good title for handheld standards), and the original Metroid Prime game. We go from side scrolling to FPS just like that. The transformation from one genre to the next was something to see for a change in this series. The game is so great that there are still sequels being made since the success of this one. 9.6/10

2 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

So after the major epicness of both Oot, and Majora's Mask the next game was definitely different, but it's one that I didn't like as much as others did. Art style stand out, I mean I like cel shaded looking games, but with Zelda I don't why it just doesn't work for me in this game. 7.1/10

3 Luigi's Mansion

A much better attempt at starring Luigi to get a bigger role with great justification. Thanks to the success of this game as a launch title. It spawned two more sequels to the eventually love of this game years later. King Boo is a great villain, and despite how short the game was this gave better representation of those Luigi fans alike. 9/10

4 Eternal Darkness

The game where you see the blue screen of death. For an exclusive horror game by Nintendo I can see why it wouldn't return seeing how dark the imagery was at the time so very different from most of the other titles at the time. 8.4/10

5 Mario Party 5

Of the 4 entries in this era Mario Party for me was the most fun of all. It had the most diversity thrown out of all of them. A very interesting twist at the end. There was the car combat mode which was a one and done attempt that was a nice attempt. There was a card flipping game in some extra menu that was cool. Enjoyable game to have four buds to hangout with definitely. 7.3/10

4/10 Unpopular opinion but from this era of Mario Parties, 5 was the absolute weakest (excluding 4 possibly). The boards were just really bland and basic (Future Dream especially) and the minigames and music that came along with it weren't that fun

6 Super Mario Sunshine

Another very unique Super Mario game right from the start. Not nearly as loved though by the Nintendo team unfortunately it would appear. Still Sunshine offers cool elements in this epic single player adventure in Delfino area. The framing, the boss fights, the very mellow like sound to the game. I can see why there will be a crowd that may not like it that much especially with the progressing system is very flawed and slow. I could see that argument, this game still looks fairly good for 2002 kinda like Double Dash which came a year later. 9.3/10

7/10 Amazing concept, poor execution. I'm sorry but the difficulty went way overboard in some of these levels, not to mention the oversensitive controls. But the concept and level design is amazing so there's that.

7 Super Smash Bros. Melee

A massive commercial success no doubt, there's going to be the case for a Melee crowd that says this is their best in the series. Fantastic game, but will really get you fast emotionally like the future installments would. This game left a much more memorable impression clearly. The always welcoming intro, once again franchises crossover and collide in fast pace fighting action. This would be the start of a game that's infamous for wrecking friendships. 9/10

8 Star Fox Adventures

A much different game, now you actually explore on foot. Very repetitive gameplay untilt the very end where you are finally getting a flying mission. Some consider it disappointing, but like the last entry it gave me a lasting impression... ''PUT THAT DOWN! You don't have enough SCABS.'' Oh yeah a hidden gem quote that I just kept playing over and over when I new I was low on coinage. 7/10

9 Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Here we go now we get into the top tier quality Gamecube games. Starting off with the 4th entry in the series. Graphically looked good, and still does for 2003. I liek the idea having two character in one kart. Double up on the chaos, and play through some of the best tracks in Mario kart history. My one con though is it's not the best controlled wise of the mario kart games. 8.9/10

9,5/10 Third or second favourite Mario Kart in my opinion, below 7 and possibly Wii. The most original for sure with its additions

10 Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg
The Contenders
11 Resident Evil Zero
12 F-Zero GX

If you're into racing games and Mario Kart Double Dash didn't give you enough bang for your buck, then look no further than F-Zero GX. This racer is fast, and I mean FAST. The ultra high speeds and chaotic tracks result in a game that is really difficult, but well-designed and fun. Add to that some of the best graphics on the Gamecube, and an awesome techno-metal soundtrack, and you have one of the most complete racing experiences you could ever ask for. 9.5/10

13 Viewtiful Joe

Very cool and original game for its time. Getting a deserved sequel in its success. Viewtiful Joe was a great example of something where the art style pluts the beat em up combination worked brilliantly meshed together. 7.6/10

14 Mario Party 7

8/10 This is my favourite Mario Party from this era. Really liked the minigames and boards, plus the cruise theme was really interesting.

15 Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

8/10 Other than the frustrating battles, this is an amazing game.

16 Donkey Konga
17 Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
18 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
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