Top 10 Video Games of 2019

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1 Kingdom Hearts III

I'm going to be completely unbiased for this review of the game, because I myself am a massive fan of this series but I am also quite unforgiving if a game doesn't bring the goods. To be very honest, this game was a huge disappointment, and for a lot of reasons, but I'll just sum up the cons of the game. The story lacks any impact or consistency and the entirety of the game just felt like it was pandering to Disney fandom instead of the Kingdom Hearts fandom, which also includes the complete lack of Final Fantasy characters besides moogles and a cactuar. The game is ridiculously easy and way too forgiving, which also includes overpowered abilities and the lack of critical mode. Once you beat the story, there's so little left to do in the game. There's only one optional boss and no colosseum. All there really is left to do is take photos of lucky emblems and other crap for special items from moogles.

KH2 is still superior to this game. Don't get me wrong, there is fun to be had ...more - Mcgillacuddy

I liked it. Had issues but I liked it. I want more though. - iliekpiez

2 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

A brilliant,quality game.

3 Beyond Good & Evil 2
4 Resident Evil 2


I great remake of a great franchise.

5 Cyberpunk 2077

This is definitely gonna be good. - Not_A_Weeaboo

There's just one word to describe it...EPIC!

6 Mortal Kombat 11

I like how they added back shao kahn


7 Bayonetta 3
8 Metroid Prime 4


9 Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare 3

2 isn't even out yet. - Not_A_Weeaboo

10 WWE 2K20

This game is amazing it looks so cool I can not wait for this game to win well I hope so much it will

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11 Dead or Alive 6
12 Tom Clancy's the Division 2
13 Metro: Exodus

Ray tracing is all I need to say.

14 Halo 6

Hopefully a classic halo game. I don't want something like halo 5.

I'm Predicting Halo 6 Will Come Out In 2019, Because thi year 2017 is halo wars 2, and 2018 is halo rebirth - VideoGamefan5

15 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
16 FIFA 20

The game is entertaining

AWESOME best game ever

17 Prey 2 (2019)
18 Witchfire
19 LEGO City Undercover 2

I love it


20 NBA 2K20

That would be so fun

21 System Shock 3
22 Pokémon Gen 8

Awful game

It gonna be like XY and SM. Most likely to have around 70-80 new pokemon. More Kanto and Waifu pandering. And Cutscenes galore.
I know that let's go introduced the cutscene skip button but the cutscenes revolving mashing buttons are still gonna be a thing.

23 Roblox

Roblox is a really fun game I love it

This game has so many games on it, and they are all fun! You can even change your look.

Minecraft better but this is the best game here

It's the best

24 Warioware Switch
25 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Super excited for this game!

26 2020
27 Devil May Cry 5

This game is one of the greatest game I have ever played...

28 Apex Legends

A much better choice than fortnite in gameplay but lacks a variety in shotguns

It has way better graphics than any other game, even Battlefield 5. Also it has a lot better guns than any other game. Another reason is that it looks more realistic than Fortnite. This is why I think that Alex Legends is better than any other game this year. P.S. Nathan Fortnite sucks!

To be fair, the graphics of a game don't make it a good one. The gameplay is good, though, so I agree that it's good - MasonOcker

29 Animal Crossing Switch

I love this game so much!


30 The Sims 5
31 New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Baa baa baa!

Yo is amazing is great

I love the Mario franchise and this is definitely worth it

32 Madden NFL 2020
33 Jump Force

Should be way higher

This is basically the most ambitious crossover game, I mean who wouldn't want to play a game where you can select a character from a roster of Anime characters (that is still being added to). The characters already revealed are Luffy, Sanji, Blackbeard, Sabo (One Piece). Naruto and Sasuke (Naruto Shippuden). Goku, Vegeta, Frieza (Dragon Ball). Ichigo, Rukia, Aizen (Bleach). Gon, Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter). Your favourite Anime character may wind up as a playable character, characters such as: Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul), Asta (Black Clover), Killua (Hunter x Hunter), Meliodas or any of the 7 deadly sins (The Seven Deadly Sins) Natsu & Gray (Fairy Tail), Saitama (One Punch Man), Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), The possibilities are exciting! - Criz

34 Age of Wonders: Planetfall
35 Pokémon Sword and Shield
36 Star Citizen
37 Untitled Goose Game

Random and funny

38 Assassin's Creed Syndicate 3
39 Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled
40 Luigi's Mansion 3

I'm so hyped for this game! (Despite not owning a Switch...)

41 Baba is You


42 Dirt Rally 2.0
43 Super Mario Maker 2

Maybe not #1 but best Nintendo game this year

44 Pixel Gun 3D

I really recommend this game and I think it should be in the top tens give it a go please

45 NHL 2020
46 Yoshi's Crafted World
47 The Outer Worlds
48 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
49 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order
50 Gears 5
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