Games and Activities Labeled as a "Sport" that Shouldn't Be

I know a lot of sports are games but not all games are a sport. I believe too many games, activities and hobbies are falsely labeled a sport nowadays.

The Top Ten

1 Hunting/Fishing Hunting/Fishing

Hunting and fishing are a hobby and for survival. It is not a sport. - THC13

2 Skateboarding

I have skating at #1 because it's personal. Skating is an art; self expression not a sport. It wasn't about being the best, it wasn't about competition. I know the corporations (Rockstar, ESPN-Disney, MTV, etc.) that exploit skateboarding for financial gains sell it to you as a sport but it's not. - THC13

3 Spelling Bee

Really ESPN? I respect and appreciate it but it's not a sport. - THC13

I believe all sports should be 'physical' competions although not all physical competitions should be considered sports. - ParasN2000

4 Billiards

I love playing pool. I grew up with a pool table and still love playing to this day. But it's a game not a sport. - THC13

5 Poker

I do like to play but it's a game not a sport. Crazy 8's and Go Fish aren't sports so why is Poker a sport? - THC13

6 Gaming

Gaming is just - THC13

7 Darts

If darts isn't a sports novelty than I'm not sure what is. - ParasN2000

Fun game but not a sport. - THC13

8 Paint Ball

Grow men and women playing like children, not a sport. - THC13

9 Bowling
10 Curling

Sweeping the floor is not a sport. - THC13

The Contenders

11 Ping Pong Ping Pong

I believe it is a sport if played correctly, just like everything else. - ParasN2000

Probably the most arguable on the list. Overall I see it as a game. - THC13

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