Top Ten Games from the App Store

This list shows, in my opinion, the best, most addicting, video games of all time! The rule is they must be on my iPad Mini.

The Top Ten Games from the App Store

1 Minecraft

There is a lot you can do at Minecraft PE! You can build, mine, kill monster, and a lot more! This game is cool!

Sadly, if you don't link this, this really deserves my #1 video game app. Really, I mostly play this on my iPad Mini. If you're going to to be a person saying bad things about Minecraft, I'm okay.

It's a stupid game that nobody likes that nerds play no no

It's just awesome! So many things to do! - favouredlist314

2 Clash of Clans

Awesome strategy game! Best in the world! My sister doesn't think so?

Been playing for 3 years now, best game out. Nothing can compare. You don't need to spend money on it to have fun!... Clash on!

Great game but it's a game you need to spend money on if you won't to get to the top

It's very fun and it's a defensive and attacking game were you try to make the best base you can and you try to defend it while other people attack your base and you try to attsck and destroy other people's bases

3 Candy Crush

My favorite on this list.

Candy Crush made itself known when it came out. It was and is still so addictive, all those cute widdle candies! and then, because of the popularity, it has had TWO new versions, Soda and Jelly, what's next?

It wasn't addicting to me for some reason.

I haven't played it

4 Flappy Bird

Of course, this has to be in my list. I'm one of those people who still have it, and I keep myself from deleting it. This bird drives me CRAZY! Yet he's fun.

Until you can prove that another game resulted in someone killing someone else I will believe this is the most powerful game known to man

I want to destroy my phone now.

It's a fun game

5 Pokemon Go

It is highly addictive and literally everyone is playing it. Definitely a recommended game for those who play pokemon in their childhood or just wants to have an adventure.

Don't vote for this. This app killed people. THIS APP IS A MURDERER!

Best game I the world

yeah - Ghosty

6 Terraria

Very very fun game

Its ok but only on the computer

7 Drive Ahead

So exciting!

8 Bloons TD 5 HD

I prefer number 4, but I LOVE THIS!


9 Funimate
10 Cut the Rope

SO fun!

The Contenders

11 Jetpack Joyride

From the creators of Fruit Ninja... Jetpack Joyride! For some reason, I can't explain why I like it.

I really love this game

12 Clash Royale

Very addictive game with endless hours of joy with lots of different unique characters

Clash of Clans is better, but it is still a fun and enjoyable game. - micahisthebest

Hours of fun and rage

This is my first vote LOL


Everyone sucks at it

Its amaxing

14 Sonic Run

Another cool game that's like Minion Rush and Temple Run, but for me better. There's also a down. If you want to I get things, like characters, you need the rare Red Rings, which you could buy with REAL money. There like impossible to find so money going down the drain.

If I had this game I had to remove that I was becoming an addict

You Mean Sonic Dash?

You confused me, you mean Sonic Dash. and yes, it is one of those Minion Rush, Temple Run, Subway Surfers games, it is okay, I guess. but then, don't kill me for this, it gets boring mostly because there are such few bosses and challenges are just... below average, they should really add find the Chaos Emeralds or something!
and then, what's with the outrageous prices, they all end up doing the same thing!

15 Asphalt 8 Airborne

By far the best in the app store. And to the person who said it's free for a limited time, um no. It's permanently free. - SelfDestruct

Best app store game ever. Free for a limited time, so get it before the time limit is over.

This is probaly the best game ever
All sorts of events, races and cars

The music, the cars, the racing. this brings a whole new experience to Gran Turismo! and then, I was in season 6, and man, this game is just the best! it had a blow when it came out, and I can tell you, everybody in my class has it! I have it on pc too!
before you hope off judging, I am a girl reviewing this, so, it is really beyond that sexist gaming whatever! it is for everybody!

16 Fallout Shelter

It's a sick game with addicting mechanics



Hard game with many trolls. I never got pass 6000 length

It is a fun game for all ages

My best score is 68723 I think

18 Bitmoji

Its fun to see the new ones

It's better at sharing your emotions w/ other people than emojis

19 Run Roo Run

In this addicting game Roo the Kangaroo's friend is kidnapped and Roo now how has to follow her to Sydney. There's 20 different packs, filled with 20 levels each, and I almost done with the first 9 packs. by the way I started playing YESTERDAY! I got it for free because it was App of The Week at Starbucks.

20 Trivia Crack

Love this game. If you want to play me, I am @crazymaster. - Minecraftcrazy530

Super fun game to play with friends andthe world!

21 Hungry Shark Evolution

How is this 48?!? An amazing gAme


22 Geometry Dash

It's good. I still can't complete Stereo madness after over 100 attempts.

This is a great game! Even though it's hard :I - micahisthebest

Take this of the list

It's the best!

23 Angry Birds Star Wars II
24 Kingdom of Pirates
25 My Singing Monsters

Yes! My favorite game in the entire world! I got this game from how cool the advertisement was. There are cute monsters to collect and they play excellent songs on different islands. I have 4 shirts of the game. I played the game for 2 yrs since 2015. I've drawn so much fan art. I definitely recommend getting it!

Extremely creative and fun! You collect monsters and each one has their own song. The more monsters, the more music! (Simple as that.)

Oh. My. God. WHY IS THIS 49?!? This is the most addicting, fun, cute and funny game EVER! I love the dipsters and the Zuuker! I ship Glowl and Dermit. (Glowl is only available in the prequel of MSM)

You are all idiots. My singing monsters sucks!
All the monsters are ugly and useless.
It gets boring so quickly!

26 Subway Surfers

To be honest, Subway Surfers started huge. and then, since the world tour, it's been reducing because all you're doing in other countries is gaining more surf boards and characters. it's just the same but different location, better add a new thing to it before it's children, (Minion Rush, Temple Run, Sonic Dash, etc.) take over it's regime

27 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team
28 Color Switch
29 Minion Rush
30 Eden

I disagree with this placement. After you play all the other games on this list, why would you ever play this?! I've heard that after the update, the game has gotten a little better. Come on guys! This game is not that wonderful.

31 Final Fantasy 6


32 Pou
33 Plants vs. Zombies
34 Hill Climb Racing

Number 2 is better... - BloodFang

A great strategic background to play while bored and requires no wifi what so ever.

What! this game is great - crazycat99

35 Fruit Ninja

I loved it but then it got star fruit and now it sucks.

36 Vector


37 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GOOD FOR YOU! I know you people disagree with me but then this thing is for 18 year olds, I don't know what people younger than that see in swear words and overly exposed boobies and bums.

Seriously? So low? ! This one of the most groundbreaking games of all time!

38 Dragon City

Best app for pokemon fans its what happens when you conbine that's why I love it best game for both how to train your dragon and pokemon fans

This game is underrated. Why is it 42? This game was one of my favourite things in the 4th grade

39 DragonVale

You can everything in the game without spending a penny, the creators care about their player base, and there's a Bring 'em Back once a year, so limited time things aren't gone forever.

40 Angry Birds

Seriously!? Can this be at least the top 3 or something?

Horrible game, made their own movie which sucked.

The app store does say it's number one

This should be number #1

41 Infinity Blade
42 Candy Crush Soda Saga

So far Candy Crush is here, it's baby must be here. I was so addicted to it and it is so cute, especially your charaacter and those gummy bears. Sugar crush!

43 The Simpsons: Tapped Out

I haven't played it. I really should, because I'm a huge simpsons fan! (Am I the only one who thinks that the old episodes weren't that good? I don't like the new ones either but I love the ones in the middle)

HOMER! don't CHOKE YOUR OWN SON! (Homer kills bart homer felt so bad he killed himself the end)

44 Five Nights at Freddy's
45 Pixel Gun 3D

I played before it became cool

Best game ever

46 Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator
47 Roblox

roblox is the best game ever I think roblox should be the number 1game not minecraft because in roblox u can do anything

48 Scribblenauts

I LOVE THIS GAME! I've been playing since I was 6! It needs more things though.

LOVE THE GAME, but only good w/ the full version

It gets boring and takes up lots of space

Scribblenauts is fun but I hate it how there's a lot of things that you can't build. I hope there's an update soon to fix that. I've been wanting to make onesies for a long tiem now!

49 Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

I remember this

50 Doodle Jump

D-d-d-d-doodle jump! a classic game which somewhat still flies. I don't think they update it anymore but you have served us well! d-d-d-d-doodle jump!

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