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This list shows, in my opinion, the best, most addicting, video games of all time! The rule is they must be on my iPad Mini.

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21 Angry Birds Star Wars II
22 Kingdom of Pirates
23 Geometry Dash

It's good. I still can't complete Stereo madness after over 100 attempts.

This is a great game! Even though it's hard :I - micahisthebest

Take this of the list

It's the best!

24 Hungry Shark Evolution

How is this 48?!? An amazing gAme

25 Minion Rush
26 Eden

I disagree with this placement. After you play all the other games on this list, why would you ever play this?! I've heard that after the update, the game has gotten a little better. Come on guys! This game is not that wonderful.

27 Final Fantasy 6


28 My Singing Monsters

Yes! My favorite game in the entire world! I got this game from how cool the advertisement was. There are cute monsters to collect and they play excellent songs on different islands. I have 4 shirts of the game. I played the game for 2 yrs since 2015. I've drawn so much fan art. I definitely recommend getting it!

Extremely creative and fun! You collect monsters and each one has their own song. The more monsters, the more music! (Simple as that.)

Oh. My. God. WHY IS THIS 49?!? This is the most addicting, fun, cute and funny game EVER! I love the dipsters and the Zuuker! I ship Glowl and Dermit. (Glowl is only available in the prequel of MSM)

29 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team
30 Color Switch
31 Fruit Ninja

I loved it but then it got star fruit and now it sucks.

32 Vector


33 Pou
34 Plants vs. Zombies
35 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GOOD FOR YOU! I know you people disagree with me but then this thing is for 18 year olds, I don't know what people younger than that see in swear words and overly exposed boobies and bums.

Seriously? So low? ! This one of the most groundbreaking games of all time!

36 Angry Birds

Seriously!? Can this be at least the top 3 or something?

Horrible game, made their own movie which sucked.

The app store does say it's number one

This should be number #1

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37 Candy Crush Soda Saga

So far Candy Crush is here, it's baby must be here. I was so addicted to it and it is so cute, especially your charaacter and those gummy bears. Sugar crush!

38 The Simpsons: Tapped Out

I haven't played it. I really should, because I'm a huge simpsons fan! (Am I the only one who thinks that the old episodes weren't that good? I don't like the new ones either but I love the ones in the middle)

HOMER! don't CHOKE YOUR OWN SON! (Homer kills bart homer felt so bad he killed himself the end)

39 Subway Surfers

To be honest, Subway Surfers started huge. and then, since the world tour, it's been reducing because all you're doing in other countries is gaining more surf boards and characters. it's just the same but different location, better add a new thing to it before it's children, (Minion Rush, Temple Run, Sonic Dash, etc.) take over it's regime

40 Five Nights at Freddy's
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