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1 Bloons Monkey City

This game, simply AMAZING. It combines city building with tower defense PERFECTLY. They constantly add new stuff and has lots of unique maps, over EIGHTY different maps! There's Contested Territory, which is competing against others for the highest round possible. There are some of the toughest maps I've EVER seen in Tower defense, like Moustache, Keyhole, 88, Pickaxe, Arrow, Totem Poles, Branches (mobile version) and the dreaded Butterfly map.

There are awesome features like Monkey vs Monkey (attack others), Monkey Knowledge (make towers better), Boss Battles, Bloon Beacon, Special Items, Achievements... The list just goes on! This game is just AWESOME. - The_Smiler

One of my favorite games because many reasons.
1. The gameplay is awesome.
2. The graphics are well done
3. Monkey vs Monkey is cool
4. And Monkeys. - Stage13-10

2 Bloons TD 5

The game made in 2011 and it STILL gets updates. - The_Smiler

It is just awesome sandbox mode mostly

I just love it and how it is played

3 Fortress Destroyer

Amazing graphics, amazing gameplay, amazing everything. - The_Smiler

4 SAS: Zombie Assault 4

Amazing and addicting, rpg elements allow character development with skillpoints, co-op play, pvp play, tournaments, and upgradeable armor/weapons found as randomized loot. But Ninja Kiwi stopped caring about the game and it's players. NK doesn't update the game, they don't stop the hackers/cheaters, they don't fix existing problems despite being called out by their community.. The only reason SAS 4 is still 'live' is because NK wants to siphon off all the money they get from SAS to fuel the 'bloons' series.

5 Bloons TD Battles

I don't understand why this isn't rank 1. In this game, you do btd, except you have economy to get money every 6 seconds, and you can send balloons to your opponent to increase your economy. It is really fun.

Best game they have

6 Bloons Super Monkey 2

Amazing game; fun to play!

7 Bloons TD 4
8 The Original Bloons
9 Bloons 2
10 SAS: Zombie Assault 3

The Contenders

11 Bloons Tower Defense
12 Bloons TD 3
13 Bloons TD 2
14 SAS Zombie Assault Tower Defense
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