Top 10 Games in Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

Nintendo has recently released Clubhouse games on the Switch as the next Wii Play or Wii Sports. It’s a compilation of several classic card games and other classic games. With a whopping 51 games there’s a lot of fun to last awhile here. Some are obviously better than others but they’re all a blast. Here’s the best in the game.

The Top Ten

1 Speed

This is one of the most fast and fun and insane card games in real life and it’s the same here. You really have to be on your toes for this one which is nice plus it has great replay value

2 Last Card

Isn't this in the original Clubhouse games on the Nintendo DS?

This is basically UNO. I mean who doesn’t love UNO? Obviously the goal is to get rid of your cards first. Overall a very good version of UNO that’s loads of fun to play

3 Bowling

Bowling is a nice throwback to the Wii Sports games there’s a lot of fun to be had with this one. Honestly I prefer this to the Wii Sports version the controls are more accurate in my opinion

4 Battle Tanks

This is the better of the 2 Tanks games. It’s a 1v1 battle to take down your opponent however the rounds are pretty short so it really comes down to who lands the first hit however it’s more than possible to come back but it’s nice to have a nostalgic throwback to the Wii Play days

5 Air Hockey

It’s good old fashioned air hockey this one is pretty easy to control and the goal is as straightforward as it gets. It can be just as hectic as in real life

6 Darts

This one is perfect Nintendo really nailed the motion controls for this one and there’s multiple options to play. Overall really solid game glad it’s here.

7 Billiards

It’s a classic game that’s pretty solid but I still prefer the Wii Play version. That may be just me but this one didn’t do nearly enough to earn a top 5 spot. Still it isn’t bad at all

8 Dots and Boxes

This one I originally didn’t think much of but actually it’s a lot of fun trying to get more boxes than your opponents. It can be really satisfying getting a string of several boxes but it’s hard to keep your opponents from doing the same

9 Ludo

This is basically the same as the board game Sorry, it works the same way as the real life counterpart. Only complaint is it can take some time but still a lot of fun

Best game in world

10 Golf

This one is relatively simple I mean it’s golf. Kinda like the NES Open Golf games in HD it’s a pretty relaxing game to play

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