Top Ten Games That Defined the Panasonic 3DO

3DO,3DO,3DO what it meant to say 3D Oh my god? Well after some research I look on Youtube to find some games that is good for the 3DO but I finally found one on a small comfy channel called applemctom well a big thank you for mctom and enjoy

The Top Ten

1 Road Rash

This is the best Road Rash video game version that exist the part of the full motion video was ehh... apart from the graphic being like paper that been cut off and insert it on the game this has to be must have 3DO game - BramanTyo


Gex was one of those unofficial 3DO mascot as Gex moved to other platforms, Gex is like Sonic except you are being a energetic gecko with no speed but with super tail - BramanTyo

3 Shock Wave

Star Fox was great on the Nintendo platforms, Shock Wave was one of those games that feels behind on a polygon game, Shock Wave tries to be popular but failed due to the annoying full motion videos well but it still a good game - BramanTyo

4 Crash N' Burn

Crash N' Burn still better than Need For Speed:Most Wanted well slightly, Crash N' Burn was one of those unique games on 3DO and it was one of 3DO gems - BramanTyo

Best 3do game by far

5 PO'ed

A butt with feet oh look it's a lasagna? Well PO'ed was one of those bizzare games for the 3DO but not that bizzare PO'ed was a FPS shooter but feels as a inferior to Doom - BramanTyo

6 Way of the Warrior

Way of The Warrior tries to be a hit by mimic Mortal Kombat style but it failed other than that WoTW was one of those good games on 3DO - BramanTyo

7 The Need for Speed
8 John Madden Football

John Madden, its like flys sucking games blood but they all got it apart for the frustating title JMF on 3DO was OK - BramanTyo

9 Alone In the Dark 2
10 D

D is not just a alphabet but a scary 3D full interactive motion style games - BramanTyo

The Contenders

11 Cannon Fodder
12 Return Fire
13 Quarantine

Like Carmageddon killing zombies and do regular taxi jobs but with Pedophile zombies trying to rape you :P - BramanTyo

14 Syndicate
15 Starblade
16 Ballz: The Director's Cut

This game BALLS lets stop mention it :P - BramanTyo

17 Alone In the Dark
18 Total Eclipse
19 The Horde
20 Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels
21 Defcon 5
22 Star Fighter
23 Deathkeep
24 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Slayer
25 Star Wars: Rebel Assault
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1. Road Rash
2. Shock Wave
3. PO'ed
1. GEX
2. Shock Wave
3. Road Rash
1. The Need for Speed
2. Alone In the Dark 2
3. GEX


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