Top Ten Games That Dora Would Die In

List of games that could kill dora if she was the character of the game

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41 WWE 2K16

I Created Dora In WWE2K16 Search Nickelodeon On Community Creations (Only On Xbox One)

42 Luigi's Mansion

The ghosts will scare her and boots

43 Eversion
44 Super Mario Brothers

Mario would jump on Dora's head, Peach would crush Boots with her butt, Wario would use his deadly farts on Diego, Bowser would blow out fire to burn Tico, and Magikoopa would cast a spell on Benny to kill him

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45 Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow Could Shoot Dora! 😃

46 Super Paper Mario

Mario will kill Dora and challenge her in Mario Kart 8 and Dora will fall of antigravity. Dora will swallow the water and die and Dora will fall down while her Kart is gliding

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47 Super Smash Bros. Brawl
48 Disney Infinity 3.0
49 Mortal Kombat X
50 Scary Maze Game
51 Yandere Simulator

Let's make Yandere Chan think that Dora is a rival for Senpai so Dora will get murdered. And make her look like some OP rival(so OP she's stronger than the Delinquent leader rival and the student council president combined). This is worth to see! - MLPFan

52 Murder Mystery Róblox
53 Age of Mythology
54 Kirby Planet Robobot

Star Dream Will Annihilate Dora

55 Chiller
56 P.T. P.T.
57 Outlast
58 Until Dawn
59 Fatal Frame
60 Eyes: The Horror Game
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