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1 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I heard it was all because of crude humor since Wario farts in the game, which is a pretty silly reason to give it a T rating

Goldeneye: shoot guns, a graphic death scene and references to genocide. Rated Teen
Super Smash Bros Brawl: fight Nintendo and 3rd party characters in a cartoony style without blood or deaths. Rated Teen.

What? This game isn't even the slightest amount of inappropriateness. Ok, the most inappropriate thing in it is wario farting while flying, which had me cracking up laughing when I was a kid. The most violent thing is attacking an opponent with a red plasma sword. No blood either. Frankly, even if there were any blood, it would be NOTHING compared to mortal kombat games and Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty

Actually, ESRB did not have E10+ at the time of Melee’s release

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2 Bombing Bastards

E10+ for Language isn't too uneasonable. Anything with damn, hell, or bastard (and aren't used properly) gets the E10+ rating automatically.

I actually disagree. Just because it has a bad word on the title doesn't mean it should be rated M. - randomuser2525

E10+, should be T at least - VideoGamefan5

I think it could possibly get away with an E-rating, since in many countries, words like "damn", "hell", "bitch", "bastard", "ass" are considered so mild that they aren't even profanity, just impolite slang words. But I sort of understand the E10+ for it being in the title.

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3 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Ocarina of Time had actual blood. What is Ocarina of Time rated? E. For everyone. ITS Zelda, PEOPLE! THIS IS FINE FOR KIDS! - Discord

Again, does not deserve a T rating. - N64Dude

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask were way more graphic and had blood. Heck, even some parts from Skyward Sword were worse such as the Koloktos fight whereyou pick up these gigantic swords, chop off all of his limbs, and stab him in the heart until he dies while red specks fly out (by worst I mean more violence not worse gameplay because Koloktos fight = awesome). Anyway, ESRB screwed up. E10+ is a better rating.

This game should be rated E10, or even E. It's actually less dark and gritty than Wind Waker despite the art style.

4 Super Smash Bros Melee

I could play this at 5

Melee's rating isn't that far off if you know that E10+ didn't exist in 2001. It was either E or T, and the ESRB decided to play it safe (Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS are both rated E10)

Same as Brawl. T for Teen for no reason. - N64Dude

Why Is The Original Super Smash Bros Game Rated E If The Other Are Rated T - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

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5 Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

No, but Dreamy Luigis fall off the screen! That's too graphic for kids! /s

Reading title = FAIL! - computerfan0

This game should be rated E. England rated it for 3+. Maybe the 3D graphics pulled tge ESRB toward E10+

It has the same features as the other games in the series and they rated it E10+ - N64Dude

6 Portal

The sequel was worse, it should be E10+. maybe it is because it came packaged with 4 M rated games and had blood

7 The Typing of the Dead

I think all adults know how to type... - N64Dude

Is this game about zombies showing you how to type? What the heck is this?! - RiverClanRocks

I dunno its literally house of the dead where typing the words/letters above enemies heads finishes them off in a glorious gory manner so if HoTD was M I don't see why they wouldn't change it in my humble opinion

Why is this not rated e

8 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Rated T for Teen. COME ON RATERS! Harry Potter is appropriate and they rate the series T and PG-13?!?! - N64Dude

9 Happy Wars
10 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

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11 The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield

Should be E10+ or pegi 11 because just because there is an little bit of hell,damn,ass does not mean only teens should play this game.

12 Mega Man Zero

A cruel, oppressive dictatorship run by the clone of your former disciple, robots getting killed rather brutally, and your original body gone evil who literally claims that he's the messiah...Y'know for kids! - PerfectImpulseX

This game and it's sequels all should've been rated T for Teen instead because they are a bit too dark and bloody even for E-rated game standards. - PerfectImpulseX

13 Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The very first game rated E10+? Wouldn't that go to a Harry Potter game or something - N64Dude

14 The Incredibles

A pg movie turned into a t game hows that happpen?

That's stupid! This is a DISNEY/PIXAR game! No PIXAR game shall EVER get a Teen rating!

A game based off of The Incredibles was given a T rating. enough said.

15 Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers

I could play this at 3

Get that higher on the list! that's nothing compared to the incredibles!

A Tom and Jerry game got rated T. enough said. - computerfan0

Tom & jerry rated T? - VideoGamefan5

16 Guitar Hero 5
17 Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

Should be rated AO. - RalphBob

18 Rock Band 2
19 Pikmin 2

E10+ Is A More Suitable Rating - VideoGamefan5

Should be E10+ there is a boss that shoots you with a gun and don't get me started on the final boss the titan dewevil - ikerevievs

There's a enemy with a gun as boss should be 10+ - ikerevievs

20 Earthbound

I can understand the Japanese version being rated M: do you know how much they censored this game before it was released in the USA? - FernandoLemon

The ESRB rates it T for Teen for blood? Other than a tiny bit coming out of one of the enemies mouths, there is no blood. E10+ at most - N64Dude

At first I thought this was E but I found out it was T.

Japan - M
USA - E10 (or a darker E before 2005) - Maddox121

21 South Park: Rally

DUMB! I've seen worse


Anything South Park should be m rated

Should be E10+ or T. I haven't played it, so I don't know which

22 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
23 Donkey Konga 2

Its Donkey Kong, he ain't violent

Rated T for Teen for Bad Lyrics. Who cares? It's just a stupid song. - N64Dude

I've got an idea. Anything with Mario or Donkey Kong in it should make the rating lower. - computerfan0

24 Guitar Hero: Metallica
25 Shrek

I could play this at 9

Because it contains high level of Shrek is love...Shrek is life - CerealGuy


26 Batman: Arkham Knight

A little more gritty than the other Batman Arkham games, but shouldn't be M

27 Rock Band 3
28 Shadow the Hedgehog

Well, it was made with a Teen rating in mind. In 2005, the E+10 rating was new at the time, so...yeah

Definitely Should Be Teen - JPK

T rating at most.

I'd say the game deserves a T rating due to use of firearms, and violence against humans. And Shadow constantly says the word "damn".

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29 Minecraft

Why e10+ there's no major violence in this game - ikerevievs

Violence in this game includes: killing zombies, spiders and wolves, lighting animals on fire, killing animals with swords, axes, and bows, exploding TNT, and killing other players with objects and weapons. E10+ is the correct rating, if you ask me. - Extractinator04

However kids can play online, which can be very inappropriate. Some Minecraft skins( or avatars, for few of those unfamiliar with the game) can be inappropriate and sexual.

Whats this doing here?

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30 Super Mario Oddysey

It's because of how much of a MILF Pauline became, isn't it - xandermartin98

It was E10+ because of Sherms, those tanks you can capture. - ChroniclerMan5

This game has the same rating as shadow the hedgehog. Think of how dumb that is. - Sibel

I emailed ERSB to make sure they change the rating to E - GumballWatterson

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31 Azure Striker Gunvolt Azure Striker Gunvolt
32 Super Smash Bros Wii U3DS

The inclusion of Bayonetta in ANY game requires a T rating AT LEAST!

Inclusion of Bayonetta!? That requires a rating of T at least!

E10+ is a good rating

Looks like brawl. Should be T.

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33 Age of Empires

Because the violence here is SO realistic with its 1997 graphics... - romanempire249

34 Sonic Lost World

It's rated E10+ due to references to genocide, and violent dialogue.

It looks super E Rated - Jake09

There seems to be nothing wrong with it and should be rated E instead of E 10 plus

This game looks E rated not E10+

35 Itchy & Scratchy
36 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies

And HOW were the games T rated in the first place? - N64Dude

DD gained an "M" rating. Kinda weird, considering how it contains nothing the previous games didn't have. It should have a "T" rating. - FernandoLemon

37 Call of Duty

Should be rated T.

I didn’t even play it until 15

Call of Duty. More like call of dirty, or call of doody. This game is extremely violent. My friend played this when we were kids and he dissected insects for fun. He literally fell on the floor laughing when he played it and brutally murdered someone.

Should be M! - computerfan0

38 Halo

MUST BE RATED T! also can be AO

Say if it must be rated t or ao

39 The Orion Conspiracy

So what if they say F word its nothing you have not heard at the Middle School cafeteria. - Extractinator04

40 Fortnite

Shadow The hedgehog has Swearing, Guns, Animated Blood, Cries of pain, Darker themes (Spoiler: Shadow kills eggman in one of the finals) and it�'s rated E10+. Fortnite only had guns with no blood and the violence is minor compared to shadow the hedgehog and esrb put a T rating

Should be E10 - B1ueNew

41 Cave Story

They say "screw" in this game, so E10+ is the correct rating. - Extractinator04

42 Mother 3

It should be T or even M like earthbound - ikerevievs

What e this game should be t its way to dark to be a e rated game - ikerevievs

How about E10

43 Furi

Got a M rating for one f bomb. PG 13 movies can have one and sometimes 2 (The Martian) but furi gets an M? - Sibel

44 Age of Empires III
45 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Should be T rated like Path of Radiance.

46 South Park 64

It is just about killing chickens like The Legend of Zelda, deserves an E10+ at leadt, but I guess it was rated like that since South Park is for adults - GumballWatterson

47 Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal

It has arse on the title, some british guy rated it - Maddox121

The other first 2 games had a few suggestive moments, but this one was completely appropriate and yet it was rated T for Teen. - Garythesnail

48 Goat Simulator

True It Really Shouldn't Be Rated M!

49 Meme Run


50 Conker: Live and Reloaded

This game should be rated T. The swearing is censored, the difficulty was dumbed down, come on. The Simpsons is a PG rated show and Conker Live and Reloaded has NOTHING that hasn't been seen in the Simpsons. - Discord

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