Top Ten Games Excluding Video Games, Card Games, and Board Games

Games that don't involve screens. Also card or board games. There are already lists for those types of games.

The Top Ten

1 Capture the Flag

Think, all you need is to go to the forest, and use shirts or hats as flags. SO FUN! - HYDRAflash

Intense game that gives you a workout and is great competition.

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2 Tag

You should've titled this differently.

3 Rock Paper Scissors

Or Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. - Jacobs-Account

4 Tic-Tac-Toe
5 Tug-o'-War
6 Wall Ball

Throw a ball at a wall and if it bounces back and hits someone, they have to run to the wall before someone else hits the wall with the ball. If they can't run to the wall in time, they're out. - Jacobs-Account

7 Hide and Seek

I had lots of fun with this game - Martinglez

8 Four Square
9 Red Rover

Not sure how to play, but I need 10 items. - Jacobs-Account

10 Cops-N'-Robbers

The Contenders

11 Knockout

The basketball game... - Jacobs-Account

12 Catch
13 Tarzan the Monkey Man - Hand Game
14 Truth or Dare
15 Musical Bumps

Easiest game in the world. You only need good listening skills

16 Dodgeball V 1 Comment
17 Stop
18 Musical Chairs
19 Musical Statues
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