Top Ten Games for All Ages

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1 Minecraft

Minecraft is an open sandbox creative game for people to show out their ideas to their family building different buildings and houses and to learn survival skills. Besides than placing blocks around, you can also play Hunger Games, hide and seek and more in Minecraft. So try now!

I've been playing for quite some time, and Minecraft is worthy of this title. It's a game with a natural progression but doesn't need a storyline. Minecraft is absolutely the greatest sandbox game of all time and whether or not it is the greatest game ever is very much up for debate.

Minecraft is so awesome! Sure, you'll get bored sometimes but as a gamer, I LOVE Minecraft! This deserves #1 no doubt about that! Now that you've read my comment, go build some blocks on this amazingly awesome game!

No argument here. Kids & adults play it, and there are different mods that make it even more fun. definitely deserves to be #1.

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2 Garry's Mod

Same as Minecraft but less fun, this game is not an open sandbox game as you can only build and play in 1 area with different variety of games too.

Also a good sandbox game, although you can't do as much. There is a Gmod hide and seek that is good for kids to play, since there isn't much killing involved, unlike prop hunt or Murder.

3 The Sims 4

This game is a simulation of when children grows up, parents can advice their children about what to do when they grow up and how to marry someone.

L.O. L, it looks fun and you can make your family however you want!

4 X-Plane

This is a plane simulator for kids who loves to fly

5 X-ShipSimulator

This is a ship simulator for kids who loves to fly

6 Pokemon

Pokemon is awesome for everyone. - letdot52

7 Slender

Very appropriate for all ages. Really good game.

Its scary! No blood - MattDeBat

8 Call of Duty 2

Not for all ages, be realistic. - PsychopathicSissyPants

9 New Super Mario Bros Wii
10 Super Mario World

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11 Pac-Man
12 Kirby's Dream Land
13 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

One of the brightest and kid-friendly variations of the series. And plus, who doesn't like Zelda? - higgsboson2142

14 Super Mario Bros

I've been playing SMB games since I was 7. This should at least make #2.

15 Super Mario 64
16 Crash Bandicoot
17 Spore
18 Monopoly
19 Dark Souls
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