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1 Subway Surfers Subway Surfers

I wouldn't say too old, but then, this game is overrated. it's just the same old same old and then they move us to different countries and add characters, boards. not as great as before.

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2 Temple Run 2 Temple Run 2

Okay, it is... I would have said to the first but this is AMAZING! It's a revolution to the intensified and added graphics of Subway Surfers. not only does the background look realistic, the giant demon thing is fast in this one so more fun fleeing from it!

It is my world famous favourite game

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3 Dragon City

Most definitely! The dragon designs are stunning and unique, the image is in great quality, and it seems new dragons are being added every day! - GraphiteTail

4 Hill Climb Racing
5 Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt 8: Airborne

Fun game. The graphics are amazing, cars highly detailed and crashes spectacular. Also driving the cars are easy, yet it's still a challenge. Did I mention it is free?

The only think that keep this best asphalt is free to play and cool graphic with way better multiplayer system than 6 and 7 and more cars as well - Thirdwindz

Awesome game. Better than that boring childish game Subway Surfers.

Best racing game one can ever have on their phones

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6 PDC Darts Night
7 Color Switch
8 Skiing Fred Skiing Fred

Again, you voted for the wrong box. I've never heard of this and by the looks of it, I don't want to know.

9 Minion Rush Minion Rush
10 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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? Gangstar Vegas
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11 Plants vs Zombies 2 V 1 Comment
12 Clash of Clans

Best game for android. Epic game. Chat with players from the world. Make Clans with friends. Awesome Strategy.

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13 Temple Run Temple Run
14 The Lawless
15 Uno & Friends Uno & Friends
16 Cut the Rope Cut the Rope

Cut the rope is the best. Always coming out with new features and cool new ways to feed the candy to omnom

It's so CUTE! Aw the widdle om nom just sitting there waiting for the candy to drop in its mouth!
oh come on, darn it! get it yourself and stop crying that a spider snatched it!
but then again, the eyes, Cut the Rope is so great, I bet they'd make a movie for it soon. it's gotten its 3ds game already!

17 Candy Crush
18 Bird Shooter
19 Epic Battle for Moonhaven Epic Battle for Moonhaven
20 Jetpack Joyride
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1. Temple Run 2
2. Skiing Fred
3. Asphalt 8: Airborne
1. Dragon City
2. Hill Climb Racing
3. PDC Darts Night



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