Games we need for the Nintendo Switch

*Please note this is a satiricle post making fun of the people who complain about this console and are never original in their complaints.*

March 3rd. Millions of gamers worldwide will line up to buy the next console from Nintendo. Willing to spend 300$ on a console just because it has the big name on it. N-I-N-T-E-N-D-O the letters that spell one of the most prominent game developers to ever exist.

But perhaps, Nintendo uh...could ya give us more games to offer?

Well, well. It will be from this day on where I will fight with all the gamer power I can use to get the beloved game devoloper to bring us the games we want. And by power, I mean by complaining on how I'm not satisfied with the launch lineup on a website that Nintendo probably doesn't know about but I'm going to complain anyway because I have no original ideas for a post so this is just something I'm doing really because I'm just yeah.

WELL THEN, the line-up to this console is pretty lackluster. No, but for real though, only one game really interests me, and one game isn't enough to sell me even if it is Zelda.

(Nah baby, 1-2 Switch game of the year, AHEHEHEHEHE)

Ignoring Zelda, the games on this line-up look incredibly underwhelming. Super Bomberman R is passable, Binding of Isaac has been around long before, and 1-2 really? We all know it's going to be one of those games where we play for a few times and then forget about it.


I'm a gamer that loves to be sucked in to the world of the game. I want a game that I could play 7 hours straight and not get bored at all. Most of the line-up are indie games or party games. Um, Nintendo aren't you a AAA game developer? Shouldn't you want to focus on your more wanted IPs instead of making new ones?


And what's worse is that the old IPs that ARE getting a new game are not worth buying the Switch straight at launch. Super Mario Odyssey is probably going to get delayed or if not won't be out until the Holidays. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is really only worth it if you've never owned Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U. Splatoon 2 is I guess. Never really cared for that game. The new Xenoblade looks exciting. But all these games are not worth buying for at launch (at least for me.) Arms actually does looks fun, but Nintendo really needs to market the game better.

But now, what will automatically sell me the console is if Nintendo decides to drop 3DS production and move Pokémon to the Switch.

(OH MY GOD! CHRISTIAN YOU'RE A GENIUS!...erm, not really. Pretty much everyone wants that. BE MORE ORIGINAL NERD!)

Alright, alright. I got this. How about a new Monster Hunter for the Nintendo Switch. Seems pretty original huh?

(We heard that too...and it's kind of already confirmed-ish.)

Fine! F-Zero for the Switch. Huh? How about that?

(We've been wanting a new F-Zero since the Wii. YOU SUCK!)

Star Fox?

(Been said a thousand times too.)

Mother 3?


Uh...Smash Bros?

(It's a Nintendo console, of course it will have Smash Bros., you're wasting our time.)

Fine! Y'know what? I'll be more original.



(......) um. Thanks for uh...subscrib- I mean, checking out this post. I uh...have to do something else.


Here's What I Want:

Console Simulator 19
Sonic Doom: Rise Of Lyrics By Silento
Paper Mario Book
Rushed Roblox Port

(NOTE: This is A Joke) - VideoGamefan5

Wow, these are more original than what anyone has ever suggested. Congratulations you win a Xbox ~ [X]

Get it? Cause it's an X inside a pair of brackets and it looks like an X "box"?...

I'll go home now. - cjWriter1997

The Nintendo Switch is fine. Don't complain. - ShigeruMiyamoto

What the-? Miyamoto!? - cjWriter1997

As long as Splatoon 2 is good (and will have free internet access, hopefully Nintendo realizes "maybe we'll get more people if we don't have paid online access") - mattstat716

I want only a few games:
Game number 1
Game No.2
Game No.3
Game No. 4
Game No.5
and, of course,
Game No.6 - shawnmccaul22

I want Zelda Kart. - LarrytheFairy

And the Gorons shall roll. - shawnmccaul22

I'd buy that game. - mattstat716


Console far too expensive - iliekpiez