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1 Venusian Vengeance

With great graphics and a great storyline requiring thinking skills this is a game worth playing - epd999

2 The Unfair Platformer

This really challenging game easy extremely hard, goodluck... - epd999

3 Awesome Possum

You travel eating leaves of tree's learning about possums in Australia and New Zealand, and the graphics a good to. - epd999

4 The Young Isaac Newton

Great graphics and storyline based around 1700-1800, but keeping it from the top 3 is all the glitches through the game. - epd999

5 Super Maori Bro
6 Peyton 2

You are Peyton who has a Crossbow shooting at various Enemies and dodging Obstacles - epd999

7 The War of the Dead

This is much like a Platformer version of Call of Duty Zombies - epd999

8 It Came from over there

You are a Blob eating everything in its path with only one weakness, the green clouds. - epd999

9 Cyborg Base

Everybody likes a game where you get to kill Justin Beiber - epd999

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