Games That Need to Be On the Nintendo 3DS eShop Virtual Console

A list of games that are currently lacked in the E-shop on Nintendo 3DS. Only virtual console, and being less likely to come on to the shop will affect a games position.

The Top Ten

1 Pokemon Gold/Silver

We NEED this to happen I love lugia

2 Earthbound Beginnings

All 3 while we're at it

If Earthbound (which I have, by the way.) is in the eShop around wnen SNES emulation for the new 3ds, Why can't we get Mother (Earthbound Beginnings, Earthbound Zero, M0ther, what ever you call it. :-I) on if it came before!? and it's on Wii U VC! So unfair! >:-I

3 Pokemon Red/Blue

You know what this would actually be a genius idea because so many people haven't even played Pokemon and this is actually the best place to start off rather than starting with pokemon x and Y. Trust me, I started playing Mega man on the virtual console.

Make it happen, Nintendo! We all want to see this game back again!

These games will be on it next month I think. - Skullkid755

I still bust out the GBA every now and then to play these games, and if I could play either of these classics with my 3DS then I wouldn't have to think twice about buying them (both)

4 Contra

The classic run and gun game is hailed by those of the NES age. Oh, say what? OH. I know. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Come on. The worst part, and why this game scores the list is because, recently, they added Super C. "Well what Is that" your asking? The sequel to Contra. Man, we as gamers got BEEOTCH Slapped.

Games that didn't make the cut: Double Dragon

5 Super Mario Bros 3

It's actually out now.

Come on. Regarded the Best NES game ever, it should be here, even more than 2. Seriously. I mean, frog suit, tanoki suit, hammer suit, BOOT OF KURUBII! Bring it BACK! Please! Please... Please... Please..

6 Mother 3

I have just started playing Earthbound (Mother 2), and I am going to play Earthbound Beginnings next. Nintendo really needs the whole series to be available in America. - Dawscr

Mother 1+2+3 should be on 3ds and Wii u eshop. Nintendo has neglected the Earthbound series too long.

Earthbound got a Wii you release. It's 1st place, above Donkey Kong (30 c! ) This should prove the fan demand.


7 Mega Man 3

Dude. They released 1 and 2 in the same season. So, the blue bombers 3rd attempt to kill Wily, inevitably, will come. Also, it has Magnet Mans Ability.

8 Castlevainia

This game is good. Its not amazing. Yet, one step leads to another. And soon, we may see castlevainia 3 dracula's curse. So... Connect Dots. Plus, it's a cult classic, and that's good

9 Bionic Commando (NES)

Lets be honest: color is WAY better than black and white. Currently, all they have is black and white Bionic Commando. SooO... Anyone connecting the dots?

10 Minecraft

It's on there now - Maddox121

When was Minecraft released on Nintendo consoles? (It didn't from what I remember)

Minecraft is now for Wii u

Why would this be on the Virtual Console? The VC is for classics and last time I checked this isn't a classic. - Skullkid755

The Contenders

11 Super Mario Bros 2

Although they released Lost Levels, I still feel that the American sequel should be released. It would sell better, as it has Mario which is an industry staple. I don't have much other info... So... SIX/EIGHT!

12 Undertale

This also should be on the 3DS. However, the programming software the developer used does not port to Nintendo platforms, so someone would need to re-program it all. - Dawscr

13 Donkey Kong

Do Do-Do-Do. Do Do-Do-Do. Who forgets this classic theme. It loses points, however, for being a release for club Nintendo people. Yet it is on because they released Dk Jr. So... Do Do-Do-Do

14 Cave Story

Its already on there - ikerevievs

It already is on there, and that version is by far the best version of the game. How did you miss that? - xandermartin98

15 Pokemon Emerald

Was there any Gameboy advance games on the 3DS? I know the Wii u had some but 3DS?

If Nintendo isn't going to release Delta Emerald ever, the least they can do is release one of the best GBA games on the eshop

This game is the best Pokemon game ever! But it just on Gameboy... Lots of people wants to play this "legend" Pokemon game on 3DS!

16 Mario Kart 64

That would be cool - trains45

17 Ninja Gaiden 2

I saw the original released, I bought it. I played it. I beat it (took me like two weeks of stage 6 ) And then I heard of a sequel. I want it. Being the sequel of one of the most amazing arcade-console ports of all time, I'd love to try it. And you can get clones of you to follow you. Epuc

18 Bubble Bobble

This is in higher demand due to the release of Dig-Dug, Ice-Climbers, and NES Pacman. I mean, as a kid born during the game-cube era, I lack memories of such games, and really wish to play them. Also, kids need to see the skull dude again.

19 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time
20 Pikmin 2

I would buy it in a heartbeat!

YES! PUT IT ON NOW Nintendo, RIGHT NOW. - Animalmancoolnessowls903

21 Mega Man V
22 Dr. Mario

I know the Gameboy version is already there, but give us the NES version! Seriously, a game based on color matching should be, you know, in color.

23 Star Fox
24 Weaponlord
25 Metroid: Zero Mission
26 Super Castlevania IV
27 Mario Party 2

This was so good on the Wii bring it on Wii u

28 Mario Party 3
29 Starfox 64
30 Super Smash Bros.
31 Super Mario World
32 Dragon Spirit
33 Another Metroid 2 Remake
34 Space Invaders
35 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
36 Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
37 Mario Kart DS
38 Shrek 4 Forever After
39 Diddy Kong Racing DS
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