Top 10 Games In Reverse

There is already a list of movies in reverse or songs in reverse. So how about Video Games? Just take a look, because the results are hilarious!

The Top Ten

1 After a trainer wants to try it again he goes to the Elite Four, epicly fails, loses all his badges and Pokémon until he goes home (Pokémon)

I am so making this. - RiverClanRocks

2 After a man breaks up with his girlfriend he gets psychicly labelled. He then hides his son to forget where he is and finds him again. In Summer he then finds his second lost son under a car. (Heavy Rain)
3 Megaman is sentenced by Dr. Wily to repair all of his Robot Masters by sucking up Shots. (Megaman)
4 A man destroys cities, wrecks buildings, buries caves, until the entire is an untouched landscape. (Minecraft)

I would do this. - RiverClanRocks

5 22 man, trying to run away from a magnetic ball. (FIFA)
6 A space bounty hunter discovers a planet to explore it, lets her power-ups there and saves Metroids by sucking up Shoots. (Metroid)
7 A boy named Link, travels back in time, to stop the moon, from flying away from earth, by reviving bosses and people. In the end he becomes a Deku, goes into a cave and then flies off into Hyrule. (The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask)
8 A boy named Sora, regains the power of Kingdom Hearts and then begins a journey through Disney Worlds, where he patches up Heartless by slashing at them. And then proceeds to sleep for a year in a cocoon. (Kingdom Hearts II)
9 Mario lets his girlfriend Peach at Bowser, then proceeds to get home by jumping backwards, but Bowser then brings Peach back again. (Super Mario)
10 A man travels into a Underwater City, where he forgets that he was brainwashed. He then get's guided to the lift to the surface and swims away, where he gets picked up by a plane, which repaired itself. (Bioshock)

The Contenders

11 An evil alien hypnotized by a crown is saved by Kirby, who then gives all of his ship's parts to monsters. The alien then returns to his home, with a wrecked ship.(Kirby's Return to Dream Land)
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