Games That Should Get Sequels On the Wii U

With the Wii U just now having demos of official games at an E3, and the huge popularity of Kid Icarus Uprising, a sequel to a game that had long been gone, who knows what the companies might decide to do. Hopefully they'll do some stuff like this.

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1 Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

For GameCube. This game is cinda like Super Mario 64, but with a much more interesting story than the classic "Mario saves Peach from Bowser" story you've got to admit you're sick of. In the game, Plankton creates an army of robots but he accidentally makes them not obey him. You also didn't have to simply jump on enemies to defeat them. You needed special moves to defeat special enemies and do certain things. But after SpongeBob beats the final boss, Sandy says there's still some robots that need to be destroyed. You then go back to replaying whatever level whenever you want. So the robots are never actually defeated. What kind of ending is that? That's why they need to make a sequel, so we can see how the robots' rein ends. Instead, they could give you the ability to replay levels by looking in SpongeBob's scrapebook. If they did that there can be an ending this time.

This game was amazing on the Playstation 2 and I think that it should either get a sequel or a remake. I kind of want a remake, because it deserves to have better graphics and maybe since game discs now a days are capable of holding more information how about more creative levels like "Glove world". I thought it was a good game when it came out ten years ago and maybe a sequel or a remake won't be to bad at all.

That was certainly one of the greatest games ever made and deserves an had remake. It deserves a sequel besides truth or square which I've heard is a sequel but doesn't deserve that title if there is going to be one it deserves to be like this. At least give us an had remake!

I've played it and I loved it

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2 Ice Climber

For NES. This is the only game the Ice Climbers have been in besides their appearances in Smash Bros and Popo (Pepe is your in Germany)'s cameos in WarioWare. What's up with that? This is a great game and they could very easily make it even greater today. I'm thinking in the new game, the condor takes the Ice Climbers from their parents as babies and accidentally get dropped somewhere on the mountain. They adapt to the harsh enviroment and learn how to survive in it. The levels where they're babies and levels where they're kids are like the original an the levels where they're teenagers and levels where they're adults are more serious and are 3D platformers envolving lots of fighting.

Yes please. Give this game a good, lengthy sequel that fixes that darn suicide jump. Seriously, when you try to jump in the original Ice Climber, you go like, 1 inch and plummet to your doom. Popo has died countless times due to his lack of jumping ability. - Qadzooks

3 Yoshi's Island DS

For a Mario related game, this game had a huge story. It was also interesting how you had to switch baby to do diffrent things, but you didn't have to switch very much. I'm hoping Yoshi's Island DS gets a bunch of sequels that make it like a saga worthy of being a movie. I also hope the next one has Babies Luigi and Yoshi as well, and you have to switch baby more often.

Finally its on a list for good stuff - YOSHIA2121

Why would the DS version get a sequel on Wii U? - Qadzooks

4 Kirby's Air Ride

For GameCube. This game was a good idea, having Kirby characters race on Warp Stars and wheelie things, but it sucked. There were only three playable characters, and based on what I've seen, no grands prix. I'm sure by that you can guess how they could make it better.

We gotta make this happen people! This game has SO much potential for even more stuff!

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5 Spongebob Squigglepants

For Wii and 3DS. This game has the same fun, unique gameplay without that ugly weirdo Wario. One downfall is that SpongeBob Squigglepants doesn't have that set where the games are based off Nintendo games. But it does have a set that parodies 8 bit games, which is actually more interesting. I'm hoping the sequel has a story mode and DIY mode, as well as a set that parodies more recent games like Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports, and Super Mario 3D Land.

6 F-Zero

In my opinion, F-Zero X was one of the last great racing games on a Nintendo console. I don't know why the series wasn't continued on the Wii, but it should definitely be on the Wii you console. The F-Zero mini game in Nintendoland demonstrates the amazing motion controls that could make a new game in the series a force to be reckoned with. If another game were to be released, it would be very high on my priority list. Oh, and by the way, I know that F-Zero X wasn't the last game in the series.

7 Super Paper Mario

I don't want a sequel to the Paper Mario series, Super Paper Mario specifically. I don't get why everyone was upset the gameplay changed. Because what's more fun, a puzzle-oriented platformer that's part RPG with a story that could easily be made into a T.V. movie, or hitting a Goomba over and over? I hope the sequel has the same gameplay only more puzzling, adds Yoshi, Birdo, Ice Climbers, and Kirby as playable characters, and features an even more interesting story.

Up to Super Paper Mario, the series was great, but after sticker star, don't even get me started how bad it became

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8 Lights, Camera, Pants!

For GameCube. In this game, you compete in sets of 3 minigames, and whoever gets the most points gets the role in a movie. What other game is like that? Not only was this game fun to play, but it was interesting to see what each character did with each role (there wasn't much of a script they had to folow). To make the sequel better, they should give the movie a more interesting plot, have THQ make the game with Nintendo so you can play as Mario characters as well, and a mode where the players use Wii remotes while someone else uses the new controller takes the roll of casting director and pick who gets each role. There would be no point in playing there, but I'm sure they could think of a way for it to work.

9 Star Fox

Since Nintendo did not release a Star Fox game for the Wii, hopefully they will release one for the Wii U.

It been so long that netendo dident make a star fox or a ice climber game but I like star fox better so that's why I vote for it

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10 Mario Hoops 3-On-3

For DS. In this game, every basket is worth 20 points + a point for each coin your team has. This was extremly unique. It was also the first time the Star had any major use. In Super Mario Bros, you could kill enemies by touching them, easier, but no big deal. In Mario Kart, no one can bump into you, but how often do people bump into you anyway? In Super Smash Bros., it made it so your pain percentage couldn't go up, but that only makes a noticable diffrence on extremly hard Event Matches. But in this game, the Star lets you steal the ball by simply touching whoever has it and no one can steal it from you. If they try to, the lose coins. So there's another good use. I hope the sequel also gives you extra points for distance, and includes Kirby characters instead of Final Fantasy characters.

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11 Pokemon Snap

I like how this is actually one of the ones getting a remake out of all the actual good options.. It's an alright game thoe

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12 Mario Party 2

For Nintendo 64. I know what you'r thinking "dude, there's been like 12 sequels to this game". But no, this game isn't like the other Mario Parties. In this game, each board is a theme, then the word "land". Also, the characters wear costumes that go with each board's theme. I'd like to see this again but with diffrent themes.

13 Super Mario Galaxy

Best Wii game ever, that's all I need to say

14 Cave Story
15 Wario's Woods

For NES. This is a puzzle game where you play as Toad. What else do I need to say? In the sequel, they could have Wario and Kamek kidnap Toadette and they have an evil plan to turn Toadette into Wario's giant evil monster slave who looks like him. But neither him nor the player knows that that's going to happen. However, they'd need to somehow make the gameplay different then that of the original Wario's Woods otherwise there'd be no point in having the original.

Sorry if I confused you. I should've said "But neither Toad nor the player knows that that's going to happen. "

16 Metroid

Yes! YesYesYesYesYESYESYESYESYESYESYES! Samus is so hot.

17 Super Smash Brothers

This should happen. I hope there's a Sequel to this game! - Danteem

18 Eternal Darkness
19 Yoshi's Story

For Nintendo 64. In this game, the Yoshis are sent to a weird world made of yarn or something. I think the sequel could be like the Wizard of Oz sequels where they go back to the Yarn World for some reason.

20 Donkey Kong Country Returns

This game was super fun and had really cool villains. I hope the sequel still has the tikis. I also think it be cool if the sequel has a mode where you can race another player on any level you've already finished.

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