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21 Shadow of the Colossus Remake

I gotta say of all remakes I've seen the past year this one looks the best, stunning visuals, and a classic from the PS2 era. - htoutlaws2012

22 Kirby (2018)

Yeah I know another Kirby game, but we have no idea what this one is suppose to be, or what it is really from the little we seen. - htoutlaws2012

23 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Takes action RPG's into a unique way, while the first was very okay. I do see why people like these type of games. - htoutlaws2012

24 Anthem Anthem

Okay think Halo meets Titanfall to a certain extent with a lot of flying involved, and tiny bit of shooting, and that's your game. I mean I thought it was good enough because of how great it shows off the 4K of the XBX. - htoutlaws2012

25 Black Desert

I'm not the biggest fan of MMO's, but this one might be good for the XBX. - htoutlaws2012

26 Sonic Forces

Naw I did not see it in any of the conferences so I'm not sure about that one. - htoutlaws2012

27 Deep Rock Galactic

First thought is that I thought it was going to be Alpha Genesis. Wow was I wrong on that one. Nevertheless a game with a lot of polygons in the background in a way stands out hopefully it doesn't turn into crap. I've played games that have polygons, and they tend to suck. - htoutlaws2012

28 Quake Champions Quake Champions

Yes! a release date, Yes! Quake for the PC gamers, Yes! It looks amazing. - htoutlaws2012

29 Code Vein

Okay think anime mix it with what feels like Dark Souls, and that's your game, cool concept I bet the anime fans wanna try this. - htoutlaws2012

30 Serious Sam's Bogus Detour

For those who either saw the privatized conference from the publishers of the games then you are a gaming god who stays passed 2 a.m, but maybe you caught it at some point on the PC show, and seen a bit of it. It looks just as fun as the early games with its arcade shooting like style. - htoutlaws2012

31 Detroit: Become Human

Last year I felt meh on this game, this year changed my entire opinion. A futuristic setting in Detroit, and these renegade androids running rampant is a pretty cool concept I can't lie to that. - htoutlaws2012

32 Ori and the Blind Forest

Well that's my bad I meant Will of the Wisps, just seeing made me go at least that got the proper hype considering how great the first one was. - htoutlaws2012

33 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Some people may hate this idea, and I totally understand, but I only really liked the trailer because it had humor, but also rock music well done Ubisoft you totally shocked me this year. - htoutlaws2012

34 Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Yes that's right, for those who loved Life is Strange will probably like this just as equally. - htoutlaws2012

35 Skull & Bones

Yes I had pick between two pirate games I slightly prefer this one. I mean your fighting ships in this one compared to just running with a gun in Sea of Thieves, and as you saw with that game weird buggy framerate, and or slow reloading. Not the type of game I like, where this it actually would not be that annoying. - htoutlaws2012

36 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

You know what this reminds me of, some steam game (I can't seem to remember its name) with the same concept eliminate everyone until you're the last one standing. I mean if I wanted to play something like this I'd make it PC only personally. - htoutlaws2012

37 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Okay its not a sequel, but its more of a spinoff kind of game, but doesn't look that bad as you would think. - htoutlaws2012

38 Tacoma

It takes place in a futuristic setting (like a lot of games shown this year). It feels more like a gravity type game which I hate to use, but that's the common gist I seem to get right here. - htoutlaws2012

39 Destiny 2

Looks intense, but learning from the first game I'm not gong to rush my way to buy this game like I did 3 years ago. - htoutlaws2012

40 The Crew 2

Racing games lately have been very alright, but not as predictable as sport games. Seeing this game I felt well I have not played the first game, but the 2nd one might be just as fun. - htoutlaws2012

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