Top Ten Games On the Windows Store That Could Make Good Movie Ideas

Imagine if a game was turned into a movie. Would it be sad, funny, adventurous, romantic, thrilling, or horror? You decide!

The Top Ten

1 Asphalt 8: Airborne
2 Dragon Mania Legends
3 Croc's World
4 Flower House

It could be an emotional, feel-good movie.
A woman named Anna has a passion for flowers; whether they're seedlings or not, she can totally handle them. She wants to start her own flower shop, but she comes from a poor family. What's worse is that her aunt (who took responsibility for her after her parent's death), has grown old and is dying in the hospital. Now, she is forced to make a very thought-provoking choice: Pay for the hospital bills, or buy a building for the flower shop. Anna then goes to a coffee shop to decide on this, when she meets a kind old man in blue plaid. He needs to carry on his talent of flowers to somebody, only he has no kids. So he takes her to his mansion to teach her his talents. Eventually he learns of Anna's troubles and offers to pay for a new building. That brings her to tears of joy. Now she can use the money from her shop to pay the hospital bills. This hope-giving shop is named "Flower House", a house of hope and nature. THE END ROLL CREDITS. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 Royal Revolt

If you play the game you already know what the movie would be about. It would be the exact same thing as the game except it would be shortened to 4 battles, one for the aunts and uncles, plus the witch. Royal Revolt would be a cool action/adventure. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Royal Revolt 2
7 Blitz Brigade
8 Big Hero 6 Bot Fight

This would be the perfect sequel to Big Hero 6! Action, humor, adventure, emotion…EVERYTHING! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 Jetpack Joyride
10 Where's My Water?

The whole game is a movie. It would be really easy to turn this int one. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

The Contenders

11 Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

A guy puches stuff he really shouldn't be punching to make stuff to defend himself against the horde. He fights zombies, goes to bed, gets a pet wolf, tames a horse, him and the horse go on adventures,. But oh no! The horse does in a selfless act of sacrifice. They have a big soppy funeral closing the film. The end. *credits roll out* - Enderninja327

12 My Talking Angela

No! Angela is a stalker who kidnaps kids! NEVER PLAY THIS IF YOU WANT TO LIVE.

13 Siege Fall
14 Cat Story
15 Gravity Guy
16 Disney Infinity 3.0
17 Snow World
18 Doodle Jump
19 Astroneer V 1 Comment
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