Top Ten Most Addicting Free Online Games

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1 Defend Your Castle

Nothing else sends time flying as much as putting towers on a field then doing nothing for hours

2 Territory War

Territory war brings back a lot of memories, and I still play it to this day! It's one of the best online games!

Great game, the soundtracks are also awesome! Classic stick figure game, that requires skill to win!

I love this game. I always give my little stick figures names of HTF characters.

Old classic from max games what more do you want?

3 Runescape

Is this a joke? Runescape is so obviously number one it's almost funny... Best online game out there...

4 Happy Wheels

This game is hilarious. It should be Number 1!

Lots of gory and funny fun!

5 The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible quiz is a really addictive game, with completely random questions and answers. It includes 110 questions, a few lives and some skips. The Impossible Quiz 2 is just as addictive. This game is also very frustrating. :P

This game is the definition of "awesome" and better than defend your castle by a lot.

6 League of Legends

I can't believe I had to recommend this.

7 Pillage The Village
8 Warlords: Call To Arms

Its amazingly fun.. The second version is better though and runescape sucks its more of an mmorpg than an ordinary game

9 Bloons

I don't even want to know how many hours of my life I have wasted playing this game.

Can waste hours and the difficulty level is perfect.

If by "Bloons" you mean Bloons Tower Defense, then yes.

10 The Stupid Quiz 4
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11 Stick RPG
12 Hands Of War RPG
13 Warframe

Oh, definitely. Let's put this game up a couple spots.

Free and better than most games. What else?

Best one on here

14 The Heist
15 Red Remover
16 Team Fortress 2

I love this game. I also love Minecraft, but why is it here? You have to pay for Minecraft, unlike everything else here. These are FREE online games, not pat to play. Some people here are stupid.

Does it say free in the title? No, and by the way, Minecraft cost money because of multiple reasons

How could you have not added this?!

17 Chronotron
18 WarRock

First Person Shooter (FPS) game, gives players a fresh alternative to the various Role Playing Games in the country today. Players can choose from five different military character classes.

19 Metal Gear Online
20 Roblox

Should be number one! On roblox please friend adventurecookie8

It has many games like Adopt Me, Jailbreak, Flood Escape 2 and more

21 DeConstruction
22 Black Knight
23 Age of Speed
24 Super Mario 63

I just LOVE Super Mario 63! It is a great mix of several Mario games such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. Also, the Level Editor had me playing for hours, especially with the thing that lets you customize the background music of your level! I definitely recommend this awesome game to any fans of the Super Mario Bros franchise.

25 Cookie Clicker

This is like the most addicting game ever, and the most popular idle game.

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