Top 10 Best Virtual Pros in FIFA

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1 Heilrj

Heilrj is the greatest virtual pro of all time. This man can change the game in a split second. His movement on and off the ball is magical. I've never seen a player like him and probably never will. His goal scoring record is incredible. In one season on FIFA 11 career mode on legendary, he scored 60 goals in the league, 18 in champions League and 12 in copa del rey including over 20 assists in the league and 10 in the Champions League. Known as possibly the greatest season on FIFA 11 when he really graced the stage. FIFA 14 was when he was entering his prime. He won the division one title on pro clubs after leaving his old club Finney FC. After he won the D1 title he went back to his old club 20 - better. Between D1-D4, he scored 90 goals and 50 assists in 65 appearances. That's mind blowing. Heilrj is known all over pro clubs and one day will be crowned the title for best ever. He started playing when pro club mode was introduced into FIFA around 2008. From then on he made the most ...more

It' sad to realize that this man may retire earlier than expected. However that ddoesn't take him out of the equation for the best virtual pro ever. If he decides to continue on the new generation of FIFA, we are in for something special. A final chapter if you will. Till then, I don't know when he will brace the game again. He's wonderful to watch. Heilrj will be remembered as the Pele of pro clubs because he started at the beginning of it when it was created and how he was fenominal. Live long Heilrj and get back on pro clubs!

I respect Heilrj more than anything. I cry every night because I want him to really exist. What more can I say? He's dribbling, shot, pace... There's no way to explain this because I can't seem to find a number greater than infinity to define his abilities. Heilrj, whoever you are, you are my idol.

This vp is the greatest virtual pro I have ever witnessed. The the things he does with the ball is mind blowing. he's a perfect CAM. Scores plenty of goals and creates a truck load of assists a game. he's no doubt in the top ten, probably top 5 of all time.

He has won a total of 5 player of the year awards in his career as of 2009. he's a genius at work, currently in his prime. To me, best ever.

2 Gareth Pfluger

Great strike... Great height... Great pace! Deserve to be the best!

Absolutely Fantastic. And he is very very easy to handle. He is also very skilful. Va;ani is nothing. Pfluger is no. 1!

3 Victor Sanchez Valani

Should be the First! But has less goals than Pfluger!

4 Leonard Laigle
5 Karl Bergson

Great Player who played for Barcelona! Won the Player of the year award for AIK in his first playing year!

6 Robert Heckenbauer
7 Matthew McCarthy
8 Manfred Reiser
9 Milan Delibasic

Am I dreaming! Delibasic is way better than McCarthy and Heckenbauer... He should be no.6 on this list!

10 Liammson Petrovic

Good midfielder who provided many assists...

The Contenders
11 Robin Williamson
12 Jason Hunter-Lief
13 Maximus van Ruckendorfer
14 DC Veer Mento Joshipacha
15 Victor Von-Heil
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