Best Class Trials in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

The class trials in the second game were even better than in the first, with many really clever twists and some clever plans. An absurd amount of spoilers will be below.
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1 Trial 5

I'm pretty sure that anyone can properly dispute the perfection of this trial. For one thing, finding out that it was a suicide already made this an extremely interesting mystery, but then the what moment when you realise what Nagito's true plan was and how you fell right into it. To make things that much more amazing, having to all vote on Chiaki was an extremely sad moment, which may be par for the course in DR2, but I still found this one to be one of the more tragic moments.

2 Trial 2

The pure sadness I felt at the end of the chapter was never reached in the game again, Fuyuhiko breaking down over Peko was extremely sad. The bit that also got me was Peko's attempt to not incriminate Fuyuhiko at all through the use of Sparkling Justice. The execution scared the hell out of me as well because I thought that 2 people would get killed.

3 Trial 4

This was the other chapter that had an extremely well put together plan. The amount of planning and lack of the killer screwing himself over was great. The only reason Gundham didn't succeed in his plan was thanks to unlucky circumstance. If he had been "asleep" in his room when the alarm went off, there would be nothing to tie him to the murder. Gundham's final speech was by far the most powerful moment in the game.

Personally my favorite thing about this trial is most if the time when Akane talks she sounds furious, and as if she wants to murder everybody in this trial room. But you know that under her angry additude she's just grieving...

Gundham's execution and trial almost made me cry. I never realized how much I liked him as a character until he was gone, ffs.

4 Trial 1

For one thing, I felt like screaming when Fatogami died, especially in such a brutal way. The plan was overall a pretty clever one, and the way you incriminate Teruteru was priceless. Nothing really was wrong with this one, it's just that some other trials were nearly flawless.

5 Trial 6

I find the info dump in this game to be extremely dull for the most part, sure, the reveal of Izuru was a great moment, but other than that, I found this to be boring. Also, Junko AI was a really bad choice that felt pointless.

6 Trial 3

The amount of stuff wrong with this trial is stupid. For one thing, Ibuki's death not involving the despair disease was unbelievably moronic, both in terms of writing and in Mikan's actual plan. On top of this, using the video did nothing but incriminate her further. Also, why did she lie about the cause of death? I understand that things would be investigated slightly differently, but I still don't think it would have gotten her caught. The way you make her slip up is by far the least logical thing in the series. So what if she mentions a camera angle? It's a central concept of any video to have a good camera angle, so why is it apparently conclusive evidence when she mentions it in a way that makes perfect sense to everyone, and not just the killer? Overall, this is just a mess of a trial in an otherwise amazing game.

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