Best Donkey Kong Country 2 Bosses

The Top Ten
1 King Zing

King Zing of Krazy Kremland is. It was a tough call between this and Kaptain K. Rool, as both are difficult yet satisfying. However, I feel like King Zing exemplifies difficulty with satisfaction even more than K. Rool does. This is by far, the hardest boss battle in the game, and I hated it as a kid. But now that I've grown up, I notice just how fun it is. This is the first boss battle in the entire series where you battle the boss as an animal buddy, in this case, Squawks. And in order to defeat him, you have to hit this tiny little stinger, and doing it is one of the most satisfying things ever in this game, because hitting is hard. Not only is it small, but King Zing is constantly flying around the arena so that it's difficult. Yeah, he's actually protecting himself as opposed to Kudgel. I should also mention that in the last phase, he'll turn into a smaller bee and spawn bodyguards around him, similarly to Queen B. in the GBA remake of DKC1. Overall, I see no reason why King Zing ...more

2 Kaptain K. Rool (The Flying Krock)

In second place, we have the real Kaptain K. Rool battle, fought in the Flying Krock and is the final boss of the main game. Good lord did they go all out on this! King K. Rool in the original was a great boss battle! The only good one in the game in fact. But it was a little basic. Kaptain K. Rool on the other hand is the ultimate test. He takes not three, not six, but nine hits to defeat, and has three different phases, and they're all difficult and fun in their own right. The first phase is pretty easy, just avoid him from dashing on you. The second phase he'll be shooting cannonballs at different speeds and it can get hectic. The last phase is of course the hardest, where he'll go invisible and you have to be extra wary. Honestly, there's not a single thing I have to complain about with this battle. It's the perfect final boss. And yet it's not in first place.

3 Kerozene

Remember what I said about Kleever feeling more like just a part of a boss than a boss battle himself? Well Kerozene sums up what I think Kleever should've been. Kerozene is interesting because he was nowhere near to be seen in the original DKC2 on the SNES, unless you count that hand. In the GBA version however, he was the boss of K. Rool's Keep in the level of Stronghold Showdown, as opposed to in the SNES where it was just an empty room. Kerozene is probably the boss battle with the most diverse attack pattern in this game. On one hand he'll send two Kleevers out to attack you, on another hand, he'll also spit fire on the ground, and his final attack involves setting the entire place on fire. Similarly with Kleever, you attack him with Kannonballs. The difference between the two bosses though is the fact that Kerozene feels much more complete. Kleever just generated some fireballs, Kerozene has an entire attack set. In my opinion, he should've been the boss of Crocodile Cauldron, ...more

4 Kaptain K. Rool (Lost World)

King K. Rool is the main antagonist of the DKC trilogy, being the king of the Kremlings. However, during the three games, he sports different outfits. In the second game, he's a pirate captain, and he has not one, but two different boss fights. This one, in fourth place is the one found in the Lost World, Krocodile Kore. It's mostly just an obstacle course, and he takes one hit to defeat once he does spawn a cannonball. However, the obstacle course itself is really engaging. It's not super difficult, however, it does take everything you've learned from the fight in the Flying Krock, and amplifies it. However, being just an obstacle course, it loses to three other fights in this game, which are even better.

5 Kreepy Krow

Would you look at that, DKC2 has a boss repeat. One of the worst things about the original DKC1 was the bosses. They were dull and repetitive, especially when you consider the fact that two of the bosses were fought twice. And while DKC2 has a boss repeat, Kreepy Krow is actually quite differently fought from Krow. Instead of him throwing eggs, he's sending his Necky minions to attack you, and you must avoid them all until a barrel spawns and you can attack him with it. And then every time you damage him, you must climb up to the second arena, avoiding eggs. This is how you make a boss repeat good. Introduce something new while retaining some of the old. Kreepy Krow is a good example of a boss repeat.

6 Krow

I've just noticed that for the first three spots on this ranking, we've gone backwards from the third world, because in fifth place we have the first boss battle, Krow. He's pretty easy. He's dropping these eggs on you which you must avoid and then throw them back, and in the second phase we will cause a rain of eggs to fall. For being the first boss, he's surprisingly more engaging than both Kleever and Kudgel. Alas, he's pretty easy and thus I refuse to put him any higher than this.

7 Kleever

Alright, Kleever's place on my ranking I bet is going to cause a lot of uproar. Apparently he's many people favourite boss in the game. Sure, it's a living sword, so cool..., honestly I never cared for that fact. The battle itself agianst the sword is what I care about. And in my opinion, it's pretty dull. He's just..., tossing easily avoidable fireballs, and in the second phase he's trying to cut you but to attack him you just wait for a cannonball to spawn and then attack him. Yeah it's pretty simplistic. It doesn't feel much like a boss, more like part of a boss. It's better than Kudgel, at least it's a better concept, and the fact that Kleever turns to life in the second phase is unique, however, I believe there are far better boss battles in this game.

8 Kudgel

In my opinion, Kudgel is the only truly bad boss of DKC2. Kind of the opposite of DKC1 where there was only one single great boss. Kudgel's only saving grace is the music, which is in my opinion, the best boss theme of the DKC trilogy. It's epic yet easy-going and fits the adventurous pirate theme of this game. Anyways, Kudgel is presumabely Klubba's evil twin brother who..., jumps. Yeah that's all he does. Jump high, cause shockwaves, jump..., and he does it for a long time before he spawns a TNT barrel so we can destroy him. Yeah seems legit. Not only is it stupid, but it's not fun just waiting for him to spawn that barrel. And if you stand too close to him, he'll destroy the barrel and you have to go through that procedure one more time. It's not fun, and I'd honestly consider him one of the worst bosses of the trilogy.