Best Executions from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

The Executions from the second game were much less brutal than the first game, they weren't bad for the most part, but compared to the first game, they were somewhat boring. Despite this, there is still what feels like a distinct order of quality throughout them.
The Top Ten
1 One Woman Army

This was absolutely despair filling. Peko was standing strong, fighting the robots when she accidently harms Fuyukiko, holding him in her arms holding back tears, falling as a spear plunges into her from a robot behind her.

To be honest, just before and during were one of the moments in danganronpa that made me cry... a lot... but can you blame me? The normally very distant and serious Fuyuhiko, who normally would be telling you some not so nice things is now desperately holding back tears (which do let loose just before the execution) and is trying his hardest to rush to her and safe her from death. Dang it game, you did it. You made me cry.

One Woman army is the best of the v2 executions by far.
I mean, isn't the point of executions here despair? And the despaired here was through the roof!

Mmm... this one terrified me just because of Fuyuhiko's near death. The execution was also unbelievably heartbreaking just because of Peko's pure despair after seeing Fuyuhiko getting stabbed.

2 Please Insert Coin

The reason that this one is so sad is a combination of the victim being Chiaki, and the fact that she genuinely tries to escape it before getting crushed anyway.

This execution was brutal, but outstanding. Bringing back Space Invaders (?), Pacman, and Tetris but with an actual person inside the game was amazing. I was sad it was to Chiaki but it was the best punishment for the Ultimate Gamer.

A reference to three video games is definitely good, as well as she tried so hard to escape. Man, the sadness.

Chiaki didn't choose to be the traitor, and she likely didn't kill Nagito either. At least not on purpose.

3 Stampede

First of all, it is once again, absolutely horrific to have to watch the first time. The build up to Gundham's death put me on edge. As he gets carried away to heaven by his dead pets, I felt very sad... veeery sad. Also, I found It awesome when he made a full blown transmutation circle

So, basically animal roadkill? Anyway it's still funny, so its good

He sacrificed his life to save his pets.

4 Deep Fried Teruteru

This one was pretty good. It was kinda funny when he got hit by those flour and egg misled things, but the weirdest part was when he got thrown in a volcano. What?

This one was ok, but I found it to be quite uninteresting, the use of gigantic heavy weapons made everything feel a lot less interesting in this case thanks to the fact that it wasn't ironic, which is what the best executions in the series are.

5 Bye Bye Ouchies

This execution was trash, this execution wasn't even brutal.Plus, this execution didn't match danganronpa.I'm gonna say one thing, the worst execution ever.

This one was just trash. Had no idea what happened and it's very bland as well. Plus, it's the least brutal there is.

It just sucks, you know

This one just was flat out terrible, I had no idea what exactly happened and the unnecessary fanservice annoyed me a great deal.