Top Ten Features that Should Be Added to Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a great game, and it is also pretty popular, but there are some things which could improve the game even more. What do you think should be added to Animal Crossing: New Leaf?
The Top Ten
1 Custom Villagers

People may be getting tired of having the same old villagers in their town, so wouldn't it be cool if you could create your own? You would be able to choose the gender, colors, species, personality, and outfit for your villagers. You could even think of custom things for them to say!

But, what if your friend created a really cool villager for their town that you want? Well, people using the same local wireless could share custom villagers.

2 Select Villagers

Are you tired of creating towns over and over again, trying to get certain villagers, or am I the only one who does that? Well, if this was an option, you could choose the 5 villagers that start out in your town, and you could even select the location of their house.

3 Hotels

Have you ever wanted to see what life is like in someone else's town? Well, if this was a feature in the game, every town would have a hotel. If you went to someone else's town, you could go to their hotel and rent a room for 1 day (5,000 Bells), 2 days (10,000 Bells), or 5 days (20,000 Bells).

Are the people in your hotel causing havoc in your town? Just talk to the worker and get them kicked out, no refunds.

4 Custom Hairstyles

Are the same hairstyles and colors in Animal Crossing: New Leaf getting boring? Well, if this was an update, you could cut your hair, grow it out, and only dye certain areas of your hair. There would also be new hairstyles like French braids and messy buns available at Shampoodle.

5 Ability to Kick People

Isn't it annoying when people vandalize your town? Or when hideous villagers move in? Well, since you're the mayor, you should be able to do something about it! If there was a kicking out feature, you could block certain people from visiting your town, and you could remove all of your least favorite villagers.

6 More Interactive Public Works Projects

You know those things that you pay for that sit around in your town? No? Yeah, they are pretty forgettable. I mean, most of them don't do anything, and the ones that do are just places for you to sit. Public Works Projects would be much more interesting if they were interactive things that your character could use like slides, swings, and seesaws.

7 More Avatar Customization Options

Isn't it annoying when you create a town with excellent villagers, but your avatar is hideous? Well, in Happy Home Designer, you get to choose the skin color, eye shape, hairstyle, and hair color of your avatar, so why can't that be in New Leaf? There should also be more customization options in stores, like makeup where you can draw on your avatar or tattoos.

8 More Buildings on Main Street

I find myself having nothing to do in Animal Crossing more often than not, so wouldn't it be much more fun if there were more buildings on Main Street, like restaurants, amusement parks, and water parks? They could be available as Public Works Projects much like the Dream Suite, and villagers could go there with you!

9 Jobs

Although in the game, you're a mayor of the town, wouldn't it be cool if you could also work at some stores to earn bells? You could be a cashier at the Nookling Stores, a designer at GracieGrace, or a home designer at Nook's Homes.

10 Ability to Be an Animal

Don't you think it's weird that everyone in your town is an animal except you? Well, I think that there should be an option to be an animal, and you could have the same options as the villager customization options, as described in item #1.

The Contenders
11 Ability to Remove the Rocks
12 Ability to Completely Design What Your Town Will Look Like

You could choose what villagers move in, choose what facilities would be there, and even choose the shape of your town! Like, you could have your town be on a deserted island with a lake shaped like... uh... Isabelle, or something! You can even have more than 10 villagers move in! It would make Animal Crossing: New Leaf a lot more fun!

13 Mii Masks on Mannequins
14 Villagers Wear Pants

Is it just me, or is it completely weird that the animals wear shirts but not pants? And you know the gorillas? Their character design shows their butts, which is pretty disturbing if you think about it...

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