Top 10 Hardest Egg Challenges in Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

Here are possibly the hardest egg challenges in the Spyro 3 game the challenges that will leave you frustrated and make you sigh in relief when you finally complete them.
The Top Ten
1 Defeat the Two Dragons (Fireworks Factory)

You have to defeat the two dragons using the combo power up what makes it difficult is after you hit the dragons they get smaller and smaller making it harder to hit them and they will regrow their missing body parts if you leave them alone for a certain amount of time.

2 Tank Blast II (Haunted Tomb)

In this game you battle other characters in tanks the annoying part about it is the enemies are difficult to hit and its hard to get close enough to them without being hit yourself the best strategy is to take each of them one at a time.

3 Box the Yeti 2nd Challenge (Frozen Alters)

The boxing challenge can be very difficult especially on the second challenge as the Yeti has more health and moves a lot faster while Bentley moves slower.

Most of the challenges in this top ten are pure difficulty, this challenge is just stupid difficulty.

This one is aids

4 Wack the Moles (Crystal Islands)

You control Bentley and have to wack the moles that pop out of the ground while avoid hitting the wizards friends who for what ever reason are chasing the moles which can be really frustrating to do as the characters pop up in random places and its really easy to fail the mission.

This will drive you crazy!

5 Clear Out the Pipes (Seashell Shore)

To get the egg you have to make it to the end of the fast moving water pipe while taking-out every Rynoc which is very difficult as your moving so fast that that it's very easy to miss them miss one and you have to start the challenge all over.

Let me add that you also have to avoid the spikes.

6 Gunfight at the Jurassic Corral (Dino Mines)

You will loose many lives here. Dinosaurs with guns are too fast!

7 Defeat the Cat Witches (Charmed Ridge)

While the first two phases aren't so hard that is until the 3 phase in which you have to take out the 10 cat witches with the floor being a poisons blue goo which will kill you if you touch it the best way to do this is to shoot as many of the cat witches as they come out before they overwhelm you.

8 Protect Nancy the Skater (Icy Peak)

It's a lot harder in the remake due to the fact that you don't have that overhead camera view like in the original and it makes it real hard to see where the hockey players are at.

9 The Flooded Mines (Dino Mines)

Like the pipe challenge from Seashell Shore the only difference is you don't have to defeat all the enemies in the tunnel just make it to the end without hitting anything which of course is tricky as the water moves so fast that its hard to react in time.

10 Shoot from the Boat (Bamboo Terrace)
The Contenders
11 Escort the Twins I (Spooky Swamp)

This is the most frustrating because it's trial and error. You don't have time to react

Unpredictable route... Peggy is not that fast

12 Cat Hockey (Frozen Altars)

You are timed again.

13 Sheila Walk (Desert Ruins)
14 Destroy The Sand Castle (Seashell Shore)
15 Wolf Challenge (Enchanted Towers)
16 Slippery Snake (Haunted Tomb)
17 Clear The Caves (Haunted Tomb)
18 Defeat Spike (Spike's Arena)
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