Top 10 Levels in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

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1 Bramble Scramble

Bramble Scramble, is the greatest level in all of Donkey Kong. The reason this one got the edge over Bramble Blast is the same for why these levels got the edge over their counterparts. Bramble Blast is great enough, and I don't mind barrel blasting..., it's just that we've seen it so many times. Ignoring the fact that the night blue is more beautiful, Bramble Scramble lets us explore the brambles, instead of blasting through them. That on its own, makes it by default, the better one. The best levels are the ones when we can interact with the enviroment, and where the enviroment is amazing. Bramble Scramble is everything I want a level to be. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Bramble Scramble, is my favourite DKC level, of all time.

2 Bramble Blast

Slime Climb is the level when DKC2 starts to get more difficult. So far, both of the first two worlds of DKC2 have a total of five levels, and Slime Climb, being the fifth level of Krem Quay, seems like a decent end to the third world, being painfully difficult. But to your surprise, when you first beat the level, you noticed there was a sixth level, Bramble Blast, and playing through it, after suffering through Slime Climb, was one of the best feelings of all time. I already talked about the bramble theme in Screech's Sprint, and Bramble Blast, being the first one, is by far one of the best experiences in the entire game. You feel so much at peace, as you simply just blast from barrel to barrel. Normally this isn't the gimmick you think of when I mention eternal relaxation, but strangely enough, there is nothing more relaxing in DKC2, than just traversing barrels, and it's thanks to the theme and music, kinda of similarly with Kannon's Klaim. It's splendid. And yet, it's not #1 on ...more

3 Krockhead Klamber

Krockhead Klamber opens the top three best on this ranking, and is the ultimate swamp level of this game. Barrel Bayou is nice but you don't interact enough with the terrain. Mudhole Marsh is better for obvious reasons, and Krockhead Klamber is basically Mudhole Marsh on steroids! You've got krockheads, you've got vines to swing through, you have zingers, you have a DK Coin where you need to go left at the start, it's got everything. The main gimmick are the krockheads, which will lift their heads up whenever you use a Krockhead barrel. I'm telling you, the sound they make when they lift their heads up, or when you jump on them, is one of the most satisfying in the entire series, don't ask why. What makes this level work so well though, is how easy it is to dash through. It's one of the most satisfying things to do in the game. You don't have to, but you can, and it feels amazing! Krockhead Klamber, what an excellent level!

4 Chain Link Chamber

Chainlink Chamber is my favourite castle level in this game. It's the only one of that doesn't have a game-changing gimmick like Toxic Tower or Castle Crush, and is instead, just a nice and simple vertical level you climb on chains. You get to traverse the castle at your own pace, and for this reason, I've always kind of preffered this one to the other two, as you kind of get to immerse yourself more with the enviroment. It feels more natural and it leaves a stronger impression, which is strange coming from the one castle level without a major gimmick. But that's why it's the best one, in my opinion.

5 Web Woods

As we reach the top five we say goodbye to the final animal buddy level, Web Woods. Out of the forest levels, Web Woods gives off the most unique vibe. Ghostly Grove is the typical enchanted forest, Gusty Glade is the ethereal nighttime forest, and Web Woods is the autumn forest. Everything in this level is bathed in a sunset red, and it's so atmospheric! And of course, as I've already said on Hot Head Hop, Squitter is one of my favourite animal buddies in the entire series, and him getting his own level in this forest is everything I could ask for. Most of the level has you traversing wide pits with zingers everywhere, and with Squitter's versatility, you must find a way to get past them. It's easily one of the greatest levels of the franchise!

6 Rambi Rumble

In my opinion, Rambi Rumble takes what worked in Hornet Hole, and makes it even better! The first half is pretty similar to Hornet Hole, you traverse through a beehive. The second half though is a little different. You transform into Rambi the Rhino, and pave everything out of your way, until karma hits you. Yes, you get chased by the boss battle of this world. He's pretty slow, but nevertheless, it's a really cool feature. As you can see, Rambi Rhino is basically an even better Hornet Hole, with added features and gimmicks. For this reason, it's quite obviously better.

7 Castle Crush

Normally, a castle isn't something that comes up in mind when you hear Donkey Kong. In the Mario series, it's the obligatory nest of every world boss, and sometimes with a lot of lava as well. Donkey Kong typically instead just has you fighting bosses in their respective enviroments. So to see actual levels that are castle-based, without boss battles infesting the end of them, is quite a unique experience. Not only that, there's no lava hallelujah! Castle Crush is the first castle level and it goes all out. This is an auto-scroller, where you're standing on a screen-wide platform that slowly goes up, and on the way you need to avoid enemies and getting crushed. As someone who grew up with flash games, this level always reminded me of Level 8 in Super Mario Flash 2, so seeing its original source, that was amazing! You'd think this level is meh, because it's an auto-scroller, and it's long, however, it's got enough things up its sleeze to make it rather one of the best levels! Castle ...more

8 Klobber Karnage

We bid farewell to our last Lost World level in DKC2, Klobber Karnage. In my opinion, Klobber Karnage has multiple things that make it the best Lost World level, so good in fact that it makes it to the top ten list. For starters, it's another Jungle level, and in my opinion, it has a slightly nicer colour palette than the rather greyish Jungle Jinx. And secondly, it feels more jungle-ly. I mean since when did bouncy tyres roam the Congo Basin? Instead of those, this level is infested with Klobbers of all kinds, and as annoying as they are, I've always had a soft spot for them. And thirdly, out of all the barrel blasting levels in DKC, this one does it the best. Sure it's not my favourite barrel blasting level in general, however, it handles the gimmick the best. Long stretches of this level are spiky pits, and you must use this moving barrel to blast yourself, and then land in it again, while avoiding zingers that are blocking your path. There's a lot more strategy than just timing. ...more

9 Clapper's Cavern
10 Mudhole Marsh

My biggest issue with Barrel Bayou was the fact that I although I love the swamp theme, you didn't really interact with the enviroment that much. You mostly just barrel blasted. Well that's exactly why Mudhole Marsh is so much higher. I love Mudhole Marsh! It's hard to pinpoint exactly why I love this level so much..., I just do. Well overlooking the fact that it introduces probably the stupidest looking thing I've ever seen in a Donkey Kong game, Mudhole Marsh has got a nice difficulty curve and fun obstacles. You mostly avoid Mini-Crows that are trying to ruin your day, and jump from lily pad to lily pad, and honestly, that's it for me to love it. That with the Swamp theme makes for one of the most chill levels, and top ten material. Also, that name, is just, satisfaction. Don't judge me.

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11 Arctic Abyss

Arctic Abyss is the single only good underwater level in DKC2. While the other underwater levels were set inside of ship holds, Arctic Abyss pulls a U-turn and goes back to the ice age. You're swimming inside of an ice cave, while playing as Enguarde the Swordfish, my personal favourite animal buddy. Honestly, this level has always just kind of resonated with me. I mentioned my love for the soundtrack in Clapper's Cavern, and here, it fits. Moreso than most songs do with their levels. Just swimming through these caverns, mauling enemies to defeat, and dashing through corridors..., this level is truly one of a kind.

12 Rattle Battle
13 Hot-Head Hop
14 Lockjaw's Locker
15 Lava Lagoon
16 Slime Climb
17 Mainbrace Mayhem
18 Rickety Race
19 Animal Antics
20 Target Terror
21 Haunted Hall
22 Parrot Chute Panic
23 Screech's Sprint
24 Windy Well
25 Fiery Furnace
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