Top 10 Levels in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

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1 Bramble Scramble

Bramble scramble is really cool - I love how you can play as a spider and a parrot! There's so many hidden parts in this level and it was really useful for finishing the first levels in the next realm because I could get coins there to use funky flights.

2 Krockhead Klamber
3 Bramble Blast
4 Chain Link Chamber
5 Web Woods
6 Rambi Rumble
7 Castle Crush
8 Klobber Karnage
9 Rattle Battle
10 Mudhole Marsh

The overall vibe of this level is cool and it's a level that really incorporates a lot of my favourite things from other levels. It has a the reeds and the vultures - plus you get to see the blue hedgehogs for the first time. I love how much they're blatant Sonic ripoffs!

The Contenders
11 Hot-Head Hop

As the first level in the second realm, this is when we really get to see DKC2's potential. The crocodile heads are a really cool way of getting around and the sustained threat of the lava makes the level more fun.

12 Clapper's Cavern
13 Lava Lagoon

This would just be your basic underwater level if it wasn't for the seals. They're so awesome! I love how it's a collision of fire and water and the noise the seals make is really funny too.

14 Rickety Race

Such an enjoyable fast paced level that introduces us to the cart levels. Has an absolutely killer soundtrack!

15 Lockjaw's Locker

This level was a great introduction to the underwater levels and was really fun to play when I was new to the game.

16 Glimmer's Galleon

I love the underwater levels in DKC2 and the anglerfish that follows you is a really nice touch.

17 Arctic Abyss
18 Kannon's Klaim
19 Screech's Sprint
20 Slime Climb
21 Mainbrace Mayhem
22 Ghostly Grove

Ghostly grove is so fun! I love the eerie vibe and the disappearing ghost ropes are really cool. Also has a nice soundtrack

23 Animal Antics
24 Target Terror
25 Haunted Hall
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