Top 10 Mindcrack Members

Mindcrack is a Minecraft Vanilla server started by guudeboulderfist in 2010.
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1 Etho

Etho is the best. He does so many different thins, from making an amazing enderman farm to automatic horse stables to a monster tree thing. Not only is he amazing at the game, but he also has a great sense of humor and one of the most soothing voices I have heard. I love all of the MindCrackers, but I gotta say that Etho is my favorite.

Eh to knows how to build practically anything. Etho is defiantly my second favorite. My first is vintagebeef. He alway has something interesting planned and it is easy to watch. I love everything he posts. If you want a constant news feed of mindcrack check me out on Instagram @mindcrack_news_feed

2 VintageBeef

Vintagebeef is a guy who always cares about others. Beef is the one who introduced me to mindcrack. He is very funny, gets along with the others and caring. He's care for the others and their needs even gave him the title "Mother Beef". Even if he's not the best in PVP, he still does his best! If he never played UHC, UHC would be like: serious. Well, there are people like Vechs and BOO. But beef is like the soul of the team. I've been subbed to Beef for a long time now and if I was to watch a video, one of the criteria of the video I would like to watch is 100% Beef! I definitely reccomend Beef!

3 Guude

Very hilarious and friendly with many other you tubers and mindcrackers. Despite creating the server, he is funny, and good at commentary.

4 Bdoubleo100

Pays such attention to detail which makes his build turn out amazing. Also you gotta love his voice.

Has one of the best most entertaining voices of the group. Hilarious and fun to watch.

I love watching Bdoubleo play NBA2k15 and Minecraft maps with GenerikB

5 PauseunPause

PauseUnPause is the beast Minecraft player I have ever watched.
He's the best person to watch for Minecraft and non Minecraft maps with team Canada or team Nancy Drew.

I love his sense of humor. He's also a Native American so cheers. He gets some of the most kills, that's impressive. The ruthless underdog haha. Love him lots

The Canadian Native who everyone loves, the fact he isn't number one on this list, is Bad News Bears!

TEAM Canada!

6 KurtJMac

His commitment to reaching the far lands and raising money for those kids is awesome. Can't wait to see what he does when he gets there!

Far Lands or Bust! + great radio voice

7 GenerikB

A little clumsy, but really funny and smart. My favorite YouTuber. I can't spend a day without watching his videos.

He is the best person ever, in my opinion.

8 Coestar

I can't believe he wasn't on this list...creator of the epic Coe's Quest series and that one sneaky guy in TTT who made the episodes so much more interesting. "IF YOU QUIT ON LIFE, YOU QUIT ON ME" -Roamin from one of Coe's awesome animations. Happy Birthday Coe!

9 Anders

Anderz is a great YouTuber with a fantastic accent, I haven't watched too many videos of his, but he's always such a great sport and has fun everywhere he goes. I wish I had friends like that.

10 Paul soares Jr

Really funny and enlightening. No matter how old he gets, he always have a way on making people smile and laugh. Has ann amazing series with his children and himself. And just downright AWESOME!

Paul is the best Minecrafter/Mindcracker ever! His channel is family-friendly, entertaining and without a dull moment! Paul always keeps his commentary interesting and almost never pauses about what to say. The first man to post Minecraft tutorials on YouTube! Long hail PSJ!

I watched Paul before he joined Mindcrack, so you can imagine how excited I was when he joined the Mindcrack server. Great guy, keeps it kid-friendly and is hilarious.

The Contenders
11 PyroPuncher
12 Baj
13 Docm77

He is very talented with mechanics and makes quality edited videos.

14 OMGchad

He is a funny and cool guy and even though he is new he is just as respected by me as others who I have watched for ages!

He's such a cool dude, and he cares so much about everything and it's just so much fun watching his videos.

15 Milbee

Milbee is really fun and I think it's cute and funny how he's everybody's little sheep.

Milbee is just not bad! I would watch him 24/7 if I could!

16 Nebris

Insanely good at building, even though he has "explored the game's code" (cheated).

17 Arkas

He it the best builder in the universe of Minecraft. I love his intros and I am really inspired by his building styles especially over the past 6 months.

18 SethBling

He is so creative and can build such spectacular devices. I think that is enough to say about him.

He has the most subs. He has been on the least, and is already better than most.

He has 1 M subscribers and is a very creative person.

19 Zisteau

Zisteau is a legit Boss. He is entertaining to watch and is just a cool dude.

Mad, OCD and very enjoyable. This mad pigman creates amazingly cool buildings, amazing cool ideas and puts a lot of work and editing into his very professional videos.

20 Vechs
21 McGamer
22 BlameTC

He is hilarious and is really good at Minecraft. Blame and his blobs will make your day happy!

Amazing at PVP! He defeated Etho once, so he has to be really good right!

23 AvidyaZen

He is a cool relaxed guy who doesn't sweat the small stuff even if things go wrong

24 Pakratt0013

Great streamer and just all around awesome.

Hilarious part of the mindcrack server!

25 Adlington
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