Top 10 Punch-Out Characters that are the Biggest Stereotypes

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1 Narcis Prince

British - Is an immensely narcissistic, insufferably smug and presumably letterman-jacket-wearing pretty-boy ivy-leaguer douche-nozzle who prefaces matches with the exact quote "I will never let you touch my beautiful, beautiful face" and will go absolutely BERSERK if Mac disobeys said quote (before immediately proceeding to squeal like a little girl when Mac knocks him down, naturally); also, he dances around the ring like a bona-fide Brit-pop star when in his "calm" mode and is revealed to have a startlingly thick cockney accent (that he even shares with his trainer, no less) in the game's closing credits

2 Glass Joe

French - Is a complete coward across all versions (most notably in the NES original when he very inelegantly begs Little Mac to let him "take a nap before the fight", and also to a slightly lesser extent in the Wii version when he wears straight-up training headgear into his Title Defense rematch), literally gets the CROISSANTS knocked right out of him when defeated in the Wii version, is pretty much tied with Gabby Jay (also French) as THE worst boxer on the planet, yells out "VIVA LA FRANCE" like it's no one's business, has theme music that sounds like it was ripped straight out of Disney-Pixar's Ratatouille, et cetera

Basically half of my friends...

3 Bear Hugger Bear Hugger is a Canadian lumberjack boxer who first appeared in the arcade version of Super Punch-Out!!

Canadian - Is evidently fat as a blimp and lives on a diet gigantically consisting of eggs, bacon, pancakes and maple syrup; also trains with wild woodland creatures, has a MASSIVE lumberjack beard complete with pine-tree-shaped chest hair, and rather frequently asks if Mac "needs a hug" while fighting him in the Wii version; naturally, his name is also a pun on "tree hugger"

4 Soda Popinski Soda Popinski is a fictional Russian boxer from Nintendo's Punch-Out!! He first appeared in the arcade version of Super Punch-Out!! in 1984 under the name Vodka Drunkenski before being renamed Soda Popinski in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! for censorship reasons. Soda's offense consists of throwing super more.
5 Dragon Chan

Chinese - Is named after Jackie Chan AND modeled after Bruce Lee, tries to jump-kick you at least once every ten seconds or so, fights in an extremely stereotypical karate style complete with classic Bruce Lee kiai noises, and worst of all, has an ugly triangular horse-face with comically oversized buck teeth

I voted because his face looks like the cross between a donkey and an ape and then fell 3 floors out of a window.

So mad I can't beat him

6 Super Macho Man Super Macho Man is a fictional boxer in the Punch-Out video game series first appearing in the arcade version of Super Punch-Out!! as the WVBA World Champion, hes arrogant, cocky and a total show off.
7 Great Tiger A fictional boxer from India from the Punch-Out series first appearing in the arcade version of Super Punch-Out in 1984, in later games he has mystical powers that he uses to teleport & summon clones in order to confuse the players making him one of the most trickiest opponents to fight.

Indian - My first wish to him would be to have his mustache, and my second wish would probably be to have his magic carpet (with the third being his fashion sense)

8 Aran Ryan

Irish - Previously completely characterless in the SNES version, he now dances around the ring like a demented leprechaun during fights, is utterly sadomasochistic beyond belief, speaks in one of the game's most extremely over-the-top accents by far, has complete and utter disregard for the law, and most importantly uses his "luck of the Irish" to get away with public cheating of such an outrageous magnitude that it's quite the wonder how he ISN'T permanently banned from the WVBA leagues

Iconic for cheating

9 Piston Honda

Japanese - His eyebrows are almost half the size of his entire forehead; he eats so much sushi that you can even knock it right out of him, talks like someone straight out of an anime, has his eyes permanently formed into the infamous slant shapes, performs dramatic bows "of honor" during matches, wears a kamikaze headband during fights, et cetera

Isn't Nintendo Japanese? It ain't stereotypes, this is culturally appropriate for being made in Japan

10 Heike Kagero
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11 Von Kaiser A German boxer who first appeared in Mike Tyson's Punch-out!! for the original NES as the second opponent in the game, Kaiser would return along with several others characters in Punch-Outt!! for the Nintendo Wii, Kaiser is one of the easiest opponents next to Glass Joe as it doesn't take much to take him down and can even be KO'd with just five punches, in Title Defense Mode Von Kaiser becomes more confident and aggressive after being knocked down Kaiser will unleash a corkscrew punch that will knock down the player if not properly dodged.

German - Is a rather excessively militaristic man who ironically spends his entire first match in the Wii version crying about his PTSD over being beaten up by his own kindergarten students, then suddenly drops his previous act in exchange for shaving his hair into a buzz cut and going absolutely BONKERS in Title Defense; his once-again hilariously over-the-top accent, along with his incredibly large mustache, just makes it all the more amusing (also, he makes gun sound effects when throwing punches in Title Defense mode, so take note of that too)

12 Mr. Sandman

African American - Is an extremely arrogant worldwide boxing champion who becomes deeply enraged by Little Mac's (the white man's) luckily successful attempts to overthrow his insanely iron-fisted rule over the WVBA league.

He also is a painstakingly blatant hyper-muscled cross-knockoff of Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier and has a central boxing gimmick of punching his opponents so brutally hard that it quite literally "puts them to sleep"
To make matters even worse, the Wii version also gives him an EXTREMELY deep voice and has him sounding like a creepy old child molester almost half the time as well

13 Pizza Pasta

Italian guy, And his name is Pizza Pasta.
Does anything really need to be said?

14 Don Flamenco

Spanish - Is a largely self-proclaimed "ladies' man" who incorporates matador dance moves from his former bullfighting career into his fighting style in a way that is so hilariously cheesy that it actually has to be seen to be believed; he can be effectively French-slapped to death in both the NES and Wii versions, though he is actually shockingly challenging in the latter version if you don't know the new "secret codes" for the French-slapping trick. In his first match on NES, however, he's actually even easier to beat than Glass Joe.

Also rather surprisingly, his initial loss to Mac somewhat deflates his ego and causes him to take his career WAY more seriously in the rematch in both the NES and Wii versions alike (in the Wii version's case, a big part of it is also him going emo over the loss of his girlfriend)

15 Bald Bull Bald Bull is a fictional character in the Punch-Out!! video game series created by Nintendo. Depicted as a bald Turkish boxer from Istanbul, he serves as a non-playable opponent who fights Little Mac.

Turkish - Honestly, there's not a whole lot that really SCREAMS "stereotype" about this guy when relating him to Turkey itself, but he IS a horrifically ugly skin-head with weird facial hair who roars like an animal during fights and is lethally violent-tempered towards other people to the point of it making him seem like an actual rampaging bull (on steroids, no less)

16 Masked Muscle
17 Bob Charlie
18 Doc Louis Jerome "Doc" Louis is a fictional character from the Punch-Out!! series as Little Mac's trainer and mentor a former heavyweight boxing champion who loves chocolate bars and gives useful advise to Mac between rounds.

African American: Fat Albert with a chocolate fetish. Nothing more really needs to be said here.

19 Hoy Quarlow

Chinese Karate Elder - Is at least 78 years old but is such an undeniable master of martial arts that he is still allowed in the boxing ring anyway, despite the fact that he looks like an East Asian Yoda and has attacks that consist almost entirely of wooden staff strikes, palm thrusts and kicks

20 King Hippo King Hippo is a fictional boxer from Nintendo's Punch-Out!! series. King Hippo first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System game Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, as the second competitor in the Major Circuit.

Unknown - Doesn't actually come from any real country, but gives off a rather unsettlingly strong Hawaiian vibe to say the least

21 Mad Clown

Italian - Apart from being an obvious reskin of Bear Hugger (as well as quite possibly the exact same person in disguise), he is a colossally fat Italian who decided to turn to boxing as his official career choice when opera singing and (ironically) being a stage clown didn't quite work out for him

22 Mr. Dream
23 Disco Kid

African-American Dance Instructor: For lack of a better way to describe him, he's a black and blonde Richard Simmons who is STILL horribly stuck in the seventies, right down to the cringe-inducingly campy and flamboyant mannerisms

24 Little Mac Little Mac is a fictional boxer and the main protagonist in Nintendo's Punch-Out!! series of video games. He first appeared in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!. He is the smallest and youngest of all the boxers in the games, being only 17 years old across all Punch-Out!! games. His signature attack is the "Star more.
25 Gabby Jay
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