Worst Fortnite Players

The Top Ten
1 The Megasweat

I actually am sweaty but dang.

2 The Screaming 2 Year Old
3 The Profane

Every third word is a cuss word with these guys.

4 The Racist
5 The "Your Mom" Kid

This kid will not shut up about screwing peoples' moms or whatever.

6 The Kid with a Vacuum, Screaming Siblings and Blaring Loud Music on Mic
7 The Fatherless/Sus Kid

Calls everyone daddy and moans into the microphone. If he says anything it's usually really gay.

8 The Minigun Spammer
9 The Kid that Breathes Into His Mic Loudly

Bro It's so annoying

10 The Toxic

The kid who dances on you. The kid who calls you "bot". The kid who won't accept when you kill him.

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