Top Ten Worst Skylanders Trap Team Villains

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1 Wolfgang

Wolfgang? Wolfgang? Why is he on this list? Wolfgang is awesome, in my opinion he is #6 on my list of BEST villains in the game. He was sort of successful in his quest as a bad guy, heck he even took over Skylands in the future. Not even Kaos was able to come close to pulling that off. Why is he even on this list, could you answer that for me.

Wolfgang is too good to be in this list. He even took over the future. Kaos couldn't even take over the future

Wolfgang is powerful

I like wolfgang

2 Gulper

Gulpers main attack is eating... Really stupid villain. Sad to see that he's a doom raider...

3 Chompy Mage
4 Kaos

Kaos be too mainstream

5 Golden Queen
6 Pain Yatta

I like pain yatta even tho he is really easy to beat, and that is why I like him

7 Rage Mage

Rage Mage is a terrible villain he is #2 on my list of worst villains (My 1st is Slobber Trap and I am the same Portal Master that wrote about him below.) and his attack where he charges up that ball or whatever that is will get you hit and, his punches don't do much. I 100% agree with Rage Mage and Slobber Trap being on this list.

His staff attack is so weak and other attack is good but enemies can hit you making it useless

8 Pepper Jack
9 Sheep Creep

Ok, I understand why Sheep Creep is on this list I like him but I also don't. His attacks aren't very powerful if I recall correctly, but his endless cork firing is cool. Also one last thing Hugo was right about sheep being evil. In Spyro's Adventure if you eat apples in the ruins some money will come out, the sheep keep eating the apples, so you can't get your upgrades. In Swap Force in the sheep wreck islands adventure pack the sheep were being lead by an evil Sheep Mage to spread their quote sheepdom throughout Skylands. The last reason is Sheep Creep. Anyhoo, that's my opinion.

10 Slobber Trap

I think Slobber Trap sucks. All he can do is TRY to slow you down with his slobber, jump on you which doesn't do ANYTHING, and he is not at all a worthy opponent. For example, you wouldn't bring him with you if you were going to fight Kaos. In my opinion, he should be the #1 worst villain on this list.

The below comment says it all. He's just a filler to keep kids entertained.

What is the lick even for?

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11 Dream Catcher

Too much of a valley girl for my liking.

12 Broccoli Guy

Why is Broccoli Guy here? He's funny, has a good attack. And can heal you. He is my favorite villain and a lot of people like him too a lot of my friends say that Broccoli Guy is their favorite or second favorite. Tell me why he is even on this list. He was #10 on one and #7 on another list on this site.

Broccoli guy can't even attack so why need him! He is number 1 on my worst villains list!

Broccoli Guy is the best and why is he even on this list.

13 Eye Scream
14 Buzzer Beak
15 Krankenstein
16 Shield Shredder
17 Chill Bill
18 Brawlrus

Really, no explanation needed.

19 Bruiser Cruiser

Call me crazy but I like Bruiser Cruiser, he is in my top 15 best villains as #12. My brother really likes characters who are real Jawbreakers (A little reference to the Trap Master) and Bruiser Cruiser is a Jawbreaker and he is #3 on his list of favorite villains. I understand why he is on here but this is just my opinion.

20 Lob Goblin
21 Mab Lobs
22 Cross Crow
23 Nightshade
24 Hood Sickle

Why is hood sickle on this list his teleport can get him out of danger and his scythe does over 500 damage in my opinion he is the most op villain in the game.

He is slow and his attacks are weak.

25 Shrednaught
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