Best Gaming Console Intros

You turn on a system, and before you stay playing, you see that intro with the console logo and usually a jingle. Slowly, they have been disappearing from game consoles, so let's remember the best.

The Top Ten

1 GameCube

We all know that cube rolling around, forming a G, to one of the catchiest tunes in gaming! This is one jingle we will never forget; we'll hold on to it by the handle! Plus, the SECRET THEMES! - PeterG99

2 Xbox 360

Proof that the intros aren't dead yet. It may not be melodious, but that sound at the end it now a symbol of Microsoft, and we all admire that green thing becoming an X on the ball. Who doesn't enjoy this? - PeterG99

3 Game Boy Advance

Kind of a step up from the Game Boy! By far the intro you hear most quickly, that little jingle is entertaining, and that ding at the end is priceless. - PeterG99

4 Game Boy

This is short, sweet simple, and happens to be one sound: the coin sound affect. At the time, this was awesome. - PeterG99

5 Nintendo DSi

The DS jingle is just so… pleasant. You turn on the system and hearing it is relaxing. The added sound affect on DSi reminds you that you're playing a superior system. Why can't the 3DS have this? - PeterG99

6 Philips CD-i

The CD-i sucked. But man, was this intro good! Anyone who's played this system (or seen gameplay videos) knows about the revolutionary sound affects accomponying the disc spinning and then underlining the words. Again, catchy. - PeterG99

7 Dreamcast

9/9/99. The day gamers were treated to that dot spinning in a spiral to show the Dreamcast logo. It's simple and done right. - PeterG99

8 Famicom

First one ever! If you don't have a cartridge inserted, you get a VERY catchy and cool tune as the word Famicom comes scrolling down with a platform containing Mario and Luigi. More people need to hear this! - PeterG99

9 Tiger

I hate what they did with the system, but I like what they did with the intro. It has those cool sound affects and voice clips and shows the name of the console. Also, the voice is pretty cool. - PeterG99

10 Nintendo 64

Few people know this, but the N64 in Japan has an intro. The best part is the slapstick with Mario and the logo. First time viewers will get a kick out of all that. - PeterG99

The Contenders

11 Playstation 2
12 Playstation 1

Why not number #1
And this intro is a meme!

13 Xbox
14 PlayStation 3
15 Wii
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