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1 Gamecube


Every future Nintendo console should be compatible with this controller.

Everything was pretty much perfect from Analog sticks, triggers, button shape/ layout and the overall weight and shape of the controller.

There really doesn't need to be a debate with this one. Gamecube was light, fits perfectly in hand, smooth and durable.

The GameCube controller is truly a masterpiece. It looks and feels great and it's just an absolute joy to use. An amazing controller for an amazing console! - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

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2 Xbox 360

Weights a lot

The dual shock is good, but for people with large hands (like me) the Xbox controller is perfect for that. It's comfortable, and easy to handle, enough said.

It fit my hand so well, the Xbox One controller also!

Best there is a lot of skins on the xbox controller

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3 Playstation

I grew up using this kind of controller, so no doubt this is my favorite. It's just so natural. PlayStation has more and better games too (Uncharted, Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank, God Of War, Killzone, Dark Souls, inFAMOUS). I dare somebody to make a list this long about Xbox. You couls for Wii, though. - Jammer196

I still don't see why people think it's too small, I think it's a good size.

Plus, why do people keep complaining about the shapes on the buttons? Sony was going for something new, and they shouldn't be shamed for it!

Don't see why people complain about this one. I've got big hands and long fingers and this controller is a perfect fit.

PlayStation controllers have always been uncomfortable for me (despite the first video game I ever played being on PS2.) You have to hunch to deal with such a small controller, and the shape is a bit harsh.

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4 PlayStation 4

Out of all the controllers, I find this one to be the best. It feels comfortable in the hands and it's practical. - RogerMcBaloney

Better then xbox one

Only issue with this controller is the loose R2 button. - noo7na7

I like this controller it was somewhat actually different surprisingly - htoutlaws2012

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5 Wii U

It's controller has a screen you can play your game on. How has no one already added this. It also has the Wii you Pro controller, which not only looks totally cool, but makes up for the fact you can't use the GameCube controller. The only downfall to it is the 2nd joystick is above the buttons. If it were the other way around it be just like a GameCube controller and absolutly perfect.

This is very innovative, the Xbox 360 controller is overrated, its almost the same as the original Xbox controller, every generation the Nintendo controllers have been completely redesigned - Harri666

Allows you to play in a different room. Now that's a good idea! If I have to take a dump, I don't have to pause. I can now keep playing!

Well its kind of like an enhanced Xbox 360 controller - Berger

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6 Nintendo Entertainment System

Old but famous: just one D-pad, two buttons, and select/start buttons, but today along with it's own console it deserves to be part of the 80's famous culture.

It's simple and unique

It's a simple controller with a D-pad and two buttons.

7 PlayStation 2
8 PlayStation 3

Have you got a different controller? My hands actually feel physical pain using this controller.

It fits comfortably in the hands AND it's wireless!

9 Sega Dreamcast

It has a screen on the controller and that screen is from the memory card that's where all your saved games and play mini games


Dreamcast is the best It's got great games such has Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, the controller has a screen and the console looks amazing

Dang, seems I got into gaming too late. Now the only company making cool controllers is Nintendo. Oh well, I prefer Nintendo titles anyway.

Has a screen, and the dreamcast gets bonus points for releasing a keyboard and mouse for it.

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10 Wii

Every 2006 kid first console I had troble using it win I was little still have it and I'm good at it - Xomanxy

If you have ever played Skyward Sword with it, you will know. The Wiimote makes you feel like you are holding a sword!

I own this and find it the most comfortable controller I have ever laid my eyes (and hands) upon!

Least comfortable controller ever made by Nintendo.
But motion control was awesome.

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11 Nintendo 64

This was disigned for aliens with it's 3 handles - Dvafan2

You're kidding, right? The N64 controller was designed for people with 3 arms! Hahaa!

You can use one of your hands on the joystick or pad and one for the buttons depanding on the game

For a console that introduced something new the N64's controller is awesome.

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12 Xbox One

Best controller ever

why so low

Not the same controller as 360 and has better graphics than console I have played, great first person shooter and fighting games such as killer instinct

This controller is exactly the same as the 360 controller. Just that it has a rather 'improved dpad' - Harri666

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13 Super Nintendo

Comfortable to hold, simple to use for even those who don't play games all the time, and the buttons are in all the right places. What's not to love? Sure, it may not feel as responsive as today's controllers, but Nintendo certainly got it right when it comes to simply picking the gamepad up and blasing through the feel of game controls.

14 Xbox

Best controller ever 10/10 but seriously, why is Gamecube and Dreamcast so high?

Except that the controller is terrible.



15 Atari 2600

You can plug a Colecovision controller or a Sega Genesis controller in the 2600! It actually works!

The joystick is a blast to use, especially with breakout - PCgamer98

Lol... joystick & 1 button - trender2004

Simple in a good way. And epic :D - floridiancat

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16 Sega Genesis

Never played on one but NICE DESIGN! They should have controllers like these nowadays! Better than the xbox controller where you have to have abnormally large hands to play with it!

17 Nintendo Switch

Or grip

Pro or Joycons? - shawnmccaul22

18 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Are you kidding me, this is the best controller ever just got it this christmas

Hands down best controller to ever be made. - Floxoll

Best controller ever

19 Sega Saturn

The 3D Controller is easily one of the best; comfortable and sleek with responsive control.

It's the genesis six button controller with L and R shoulder buttons. The d pad is awesome, and just fits into your hands well - PCgamer98

20 PlayStation Portable

The PSP is small and easy. It is dam'n small and easy to control! HOW DARE somebody object PSP!

21 Atari Jaguar

This is the worst console in history' - Beckc

22 Oculus Rift

Love the touch controllers - TuxIsAPerson

23 Virtual Boy

Yas so good

24 Retron
25 Sega Master System
26 Ouya
27 CDI

Why does this exist

28 Nintendo Switch Joy Cons
29 Nintendo 3DS

This thing was totally meant for sm64 ds. Now you can play it without using the dpad or the touch screen. Basically everything you need is in there

30 PS Vita
31 Wii U Pro Controller
32 Gameboy Advance SP

Fits perfectly in your pocket and the screen isn't to small

33 PSP Go
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