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1 Nintendo DS Lite
2 Gameboy

Without the original gameboy we would not have GBA, GBC and NDS, it has nostalgia games and they really put an effort on it

3 New Nintendo 3DS

It plays 3ds and ds games and Gameboy games in one! Without this I wouldn't know if their was a Gameboy or not because I have YouTube and it told me every thing about games in the past!

Can't wait for it to come out because my normal 3ds would be broken by 2015 - Harri666

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4 Gameboy Advance SP
5 Gameboy Color

Gameboy Color how entertainment could be all like coloury, the games are good, they use effort creating this and you always go back to them and play the nostalgia

8 Nintendo DS

Remember the Gameboy Color? Or the classic Microvision? Well let me introduce to you to NDS the handheld console from Nintendo, it has great library of games and a charm that never be competed

9 Nintendo 3DS XL V 1 Comment
10 PS Vita

The Contenders

11 Nintendo 3DS
12 PSP

Let me introduce you to the PSP, it has better graphics and better games

13 Nintendo 2DS
14 Gameboy Micro
15 Gameboy Advance

Gameboy Advance the deared loved name of handheld consoles, great library of games and defies nostalgia

16 New Nintendo 3DS XL
17 Gameboy Lite
18 Gameboy Pocket
19 Sega Game Gear
20 Tiger Electronics LCD Handheld Games

This has to be the worst handheld that I ever seen!, they butchered Sega, Konami and Capcom games! And worse of all they uses primitive graphic and games. Oh yeah by the way Tiger sucks

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