Ten Best Gaming Mice of 2014

This is just a brief overview of the ten best gaming mice of 2014 (so far). Note: this can also include mice from previous years. This list is kind of opinionated although I know quite a bit about gaming mice so :/

The Top Ten

1 Razer Deathadder Chroma (2014)

The bets mouse ever I play Rainbow Six Siege and it has precision on precision and it is BOSS definitely worth the price!

Best mouse ever I can click up to 20 caps for battle field pistol fire

Its very nice in your hand and looks fantastic

This is by far the best gaming mouse of all the contenders. It was already my favorite gaming mouse from mostly because of it's comfortable ergonomics and great sensor!

10,000 DPI Optical Sensor
325 IPS
1000 HZ Report Rate
Omron Switches Rated for 25M Clicks
RGB LED 16.8 Million Colors
Rating: 9.8/10

2 Logitech G502 Proteus Core (2014)

Is nice but Zelotes C-12 is still better

This is one of my favorite gaming mice for one reason; complexity. This is probably the most technologically advanced mouse I have ever used in my life. The ONLY reason that it was 9 instead of 10 is because of the LED. You cannot customize it AT ALL!

Fastest gaming mouse in the world

I bet this is a great mouse even though I don't have it

3 Corsair M65 RGB (2014)

Great Mouse, could have been #1 if it wasn't for that tramp stamp on the back.

Best mouse, hands down.

Very comfortable and it is so awesome! Great design and feel! Using it for Team Fortress 2 and CSGO. I recommend this to everyone who don't need macros and plays fps!

4 Razer Taipan (2014)

This was already a great mouse, and with improvements on the sensor and the TCU, it made it into the list. Hopefully a Chroma edition to come out soon.

One of the best gaming mouse ever it is good at aiming for battlefield and all kinds of games like Minecraft

5 Steel Series Rival (2013)

Finally! The Deathadder has a worthy contender! This is number 6 because the other mice up on the list just provide more that this. The new Deathadder is much better than this and I think that Steel Series should fight back.

6 Razer Ouroborous (2012)

This is probably one of the most uncomfortable mouse I've ever used in my life. I hated the ambidextrous design. The only thing keeping this thing on the list is its sensor.

7 Roccat Tyon (2014)

This is one of the most comfortable mice I've ever used. If the sensor packed a little bit more punch, it would be higher on the list. The lazy use in the laser sensor did NOT impress me with this one. Returned after 2 weeks.

8 Roccat Kone XTD (2013)

This is a HUGE mouse. Possibly the largest (not heaviest) mouse I have ever used. This, in turn, lowered my react time in games like CS:GO which made me a worse player. I am a good player with a KD/R of 2.7. I did not like this mouse as much as others.

9 Razer Mamba (2014)

The Razer Mamba is by far worst best gaming mouse! The Razer Mamba has a 4G Dual Sensor System which detected the smallest

10 Mad Catz R.A.T. 7

The Contenders

11 Steelseries Sensei

Epic mouse! The DeathAdder sucks.

12 Zelotes C-12

I got one and is the best gaming mice in the whole world. With 12 buttons and 11 programable this mouse is the BOS! This mice is extraordinarily good and is only $30-$50 is pricing.
You can get it from:

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